10 Fun and Cool Teen Bedroom Ideas

Posted on: February 22nd, 2017

If your teen is begging for a room makeover, but you’d like to maintain some control to prevent black walls or something else that will be hard to paint over when the phase is through, check out these teen bedroom décor tips and allow him or her to choose favorites.

1. Hang the Bed from the Ceiling

One of the tried and true décor tips of recent years, hanging the bed from the ceiling effectively creates a giant hammock and is something his or her friends aren’t likely to have in their own rooms.

2. Add a Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard paint as décor inspiration has been seen on everything from refrigerators to wedding invitations in recent years, so it’s no wonder it’s popular in bedrooms. Give your teen space to be creative by painting the door or even an entire wall with chalkboard paint.

3. Go Monochromatic

Create a contemporary look by painting the walls and ceiling in the same shade. Use similar shades for the furniture, bedspreads and floors. Add pops of favorite colors in the form of pillows or other types of décor inspiration.

Tommi & Jerry B by Erba

Tommi & Jerry by Erba

4. Use Color Blocking

Another idea for a teen bedroom is to use color blocking. Instead of sticking to one shade, paint the walls and ceiling several shades in the same color family. Fill out the room with white, gray or another neutral shade to prevent overkill.

5. Create a Unique Quilt

Is your teen the sentimental type? Perhaps you’ve traveled a lot or have some other childhood memory you can incorporate into a quilt. The statement piece will be as warm as it is beautiful.

6. Add Storage Everywhere

Whether it’s a small space or your teen just has tons of stuff, add storage wherever you can. Put it under the bed, build shelves into the wall or create unique spaces in the closet as one of the most practical décor tips.

Coast to Coast A by Erba

Coast to Coast A by Erba

7. Turn the Room into a Loft

Create more space and give the room a new look with this décor inspiration. Put your teen’s bed on a platform to create a large space underneath, perfect for holding a desk, music equipment, a dresser or anything else.

Isola D by Erba

Isola D by Erba

8. Focus on a Hobby

Does your teenager play music, surf or compete in a sport? Base the room around his or her favorite hobby, incorporating his own equipment with memorabilia from his favorite artists or competitors.

9. Patterned Walls

Patterned walls are a great way to add texture to an otherwise basic room. Choose something elegant or modern in his or her favorite color.

10. Use Unique Lighting

Maybe you have the space to hang a beautiful new chandelier. If there isn’t room in the budget for something so extravagant, consider using white holiday lights as a way to add beauty and elegance to the room.

Regardless of which décor tips are your favorites, always get your teen’s input to ensure they love their new teen bedroom.


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