3 Simple Bedroom Updates That Can Improve Your Sleep

Posted on: March 28th, 2018


When your sleep is lacking, the first areas you may address are work stress, health problems, and mattress replacement. But have you ever considered if the state of your bedroom is contributing to the problem? Often, the bedroom is not a sleep-inducive place, whether from lack of space or organization. The good news it that these three simple updates can lead to you easily visiting the land of Nod every night.


  1. Create a Calming Environment

Turn your bedroom into a place where you can relax and focus on rejuvenation. Bright, busy rooms may be fun to look at but can interrupt your sleep. Choose a cool color, such as blue, or create a sense of open space with lots of white. If you want some color or visual interest, mix and match quiet patterns for a cozy yet not overwhelming atmosphere.


Use the right bedding, too. Splurge on comfortable, high-quality sheets, blankets, and pillows. Have bedding in varying thicknesses for layering to reach your ideal sleep temperature.


Next, listen to your mother and clean your room! Clutter inhibits your ability to unwind before you hit the hay. Even too much décor can prevent you from falling asleep easily. Only allow bedroom essentials and decorate minimally. To help with a racing mind at night, keep a journal on your nightstand for writing down thoughts, reminders, and worries to take care of in the morning.


  1. Set Appropriate Lighting

An airy, naturally lit room is wonderful for daytime but problematic for bedtime. Hang blackout curtains or use a sleep mask to ensure light doesn’t wake you up too soon. Unplug anything that emits any sort of glow, no matter how small.


Better yet, remove all electronics from the room altogether. The blue light from devices interferes with your natural sleep cycle. Turn off your phone to resist the urge to use it until the moment you shut your eyes, to check it at night, or to be on it first thing in the morning.

Reduce temptation by using a bookcase full of literature as a nightstand. Top it with a bedside lamp you can adjust to focus on your reading material and away from the eyes of your sleeping partner. Another option is to install a dimmer to set a sleepy mood.

  1. Clean the Air

Have you thought about the effect air quality has on your slumber? Clean your air through the following methods:

  • Put an air purifier or humidifier in the room.
  • Buy a houseplant that naturally cleans the air.
  • Remove carpeting and lay down rugs instead.
  • Replace your mattress when necessary and protect it with a cover that traps allergens.
  • Dust, sweep, vacuum, and wash all bedding regularly.
  • Add relaxing aromas through a diffuser, linen spray, or sachet.


Don’t underestimate the power fresh air and lovely smells have on your rest. These, combined with a calming and dark room, may be the answers to your sleep problems.



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