3 Ways To Use Antiques in Your Home Décor

Posted on: December 27th, 2017

No matter how much time goes on, some things will always be timeless. One of those things is using antiques in your home décor ideas. No longer are antique accents something only Grandma has. Using them in the right way can actually give your style a balance between contemporary and classy. Try out these three ways to put antique pieces in your home.


  1. Group Them for the Greatest Impact

When it comes to antiques, you get the most impressive and interesting look by grouping them together instead of displaying them individually. Place a few antique picture frames (complete with old family photos) with some old-fashioned lamps and vases on a hallway table. Assemble a dining room centerpiece of candlesticks, bowls, and knickknacks in sterling silver. Or hang an intricate mirror above your dresser decorated with antique items.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Old With New

Contrary to what you may think, choosing to use antiques does not mean you have to decorate your entire home, or even one spot, with them. It is not only acceptable but also smart to mix old pieces with newer ones for a look that creates cohesion while also highlighting the contrast between eras. This gives the décor personality and allows you to express yourself without worrying about historical accuracy.


Just be sure the styles are complementary to avoid a conspicuous clashing of designs. If you’re unsure of how to match the different times, then choose something alive instead. A vibrant bouquet of flowers would bring an antique vase to life.

  1. Go Practical

As you hunt for these treasures, select antiques that deliver in both beauty and practicality, and then use them as they were meant to be used. For example, next time you have friends over for coffee, serve them their drinks on an antique tray and give each person an antique spoon to stir with. Then when the get-together is over, put the pieces back on display. Learn how to care for your accents to increase their longevity.

More Décor Ideas

Once you’ve mastered those three ideas, then move on these bolder options:

  • Decorate less common spaces, such as stair landings, porches, and bathrooms.
  • Sort pieces by color and display them by hue, or mix and match them.
  • Turn serving trays and plates into wall art.
  • Start a collection of figurines based on an animal or theme.
  • Let go of any rhyme or reason and display random items together.



Antiques may be old, but there are always new ideas on how to use them in your décor!


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