4 Things To Consider When Styling Your Nightstand

Posted on: May 10th, 2019

The master bedroom can become a haven in the home if you spend the time to create an ambiance that is both welcoming and comfortable. You’ve likely thought a lot about your bed, the wall color and maybe even the artwork you’d like to hang, but have you ever considered that little spot next to your bed? Your nightstand is often a catch-all area where remotes, phones, chargers, and glasses end up, but with the right décor tips, you can enhance the overall look at feel of your bedroom.

Start With the Lighting


Most people place a lamp on their nightstands and call it good. However, it’s important to keep the interior design in mind when choosing your lighting. A lamp does serve a purpose, but it can also add height to the area, as long as it is the right size. Think about how large the piece of furniture is. If it has significant girth, you don’t want to choose a small lamp. On the other hand, you don’t want to place a huge lamp on a small, streamlined nightstand. Remember, you also don’t have to stick with table lamps. Wall sconces are a popular alternative.

Save Room for Technology

While you’d probably like to have all cords and cables tucked away, the reality is that technology is part of home life. Some of the most common gadgets that you’ll have to style around include the following:

  • TV remotes
  • Cellphone chargers
  • Alarm clocks
  • Tablets

Instead of letting these objects take over, think about ways you can incorporate them into the design. For example, a small, decorative box can be used for remote storage when you aren’t watching.

Keep It Organized

Because your nightstand needs to be functional, it’s not realistic to think that you can keep it completely free of your things. Instead, opt for organizational design elements. A small tray that serves as home base for your reading glasses has a purpose, and it adds weight to the area. If you always take off your jewelry just before turning in, add a porcelain bowl where you can drop your valuables. On the plus side, you’ll always know where to find your belongings.


Add a Personal Touch

Most importantly, your nightstand should be a reflection of your own style. Add a stack of your favorite books, treasured family photos or a vase of fresh blooms for a personal touch. Taking the time to think about this seemingly small space can transform how you feel about your master bedroom. With these décor tips in mind, you’re ready to up your style at a small scale.


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