5 Amazing Contemporary Décor Tips for Your Home

Posted on: December 13th, 2019

Contemporary design is not a style that’s set in stone. It draws influences from various styles ranging from Art Deco to the traditional. Its literal definition means “of the moment.” So, what’s considered contemporary now may change in the near future. With this in mind, we put together a few décor tips that are trending at this moment.

1. Stay Neutral

A neutral palette is the go-to color scheme for a contemporary look. The typical colors include shades of whites, blacks, grays and tans. Although neutrals aren’t dramatic, it doesn’t mean your home’s interior will be boring. There’s still room for a pop of bold color, which you can use as an accent. Just remember, the neutrals are the star of the show.

2. Keep It Simple

Contemporary interior design is understated for the most part. The focus is on making a statement without being over-the-top. There are several ways to achieve a minimalist style with your furnishings. One popular technique is incorporating solid colors throughout your interior instead of bold patterns. This ensures the décor doesn’t look “busy.” Also, add textured materials, such as jute, wool, silk and linen fabrics. This gives you visual variety while maintaining a simple look.  

3. Embrace the Quirks

Contemporary décor encourages creativity. Make “odd” features of your home part of the design scheme. Structural elements, such as exposed plumbing pipes, broken bricks or exposed air ducts, add a touch of pizzazz. Innovative uses of architectural details are ideal for contemporary style home designs.

4. Use Open Spaces

Make wise use of open spaces. Got a white wall? Place one framed picture on it. Is your floor bare in the corner? Place a stylish chair in that area. Have an empty table top that needs a quick sprucing up? Dress it up with two or three sculptural vases. Open areas in your home only need a few key objects because contemporary décor emphasizes simplicity.

5. Play With Shapes

Sculptural shapes are key features of a contemporary style. You can incorporate this design element in a number of ways. Examples include long sofas, sleek chairs and curved light fixtures. A combination of unique silhouettes and bold shapes helps bring together all your accent pieces, lighting and furniture. Contemporary interior design makes great use of neutral colors, minimalism, lines, space and shapes. Yet, it’s a style that’s always evolving. Want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, Contact design Depot today. Our team looks forward to helping you decorate your home with high-quality contemporary home furnishings.


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