5 Best Styling Ideas for Your Shelf

Posted on: December 27th, 2019

Wandering what to do with your shelves? How about transforming them into an eye-grabbing centerpiece? It only takes a few décor tips to make that happen. In minutes you can end up with a display that’s not only functional but also gorgeous.

1. Showcase Your Style

Sometimes it’s a challenge trying to decide how to best accessorize your shelves. Consider your hobbies and interest. Examples of some popular shelf style ideas and items include:

  • Travel mementos
  • Baseball cards
  • Children’s framed art
  • Boomerang collection
  • Decorative plates
  • Antique books

Focus on what you love. After that, it’s not hard figuring what to display on your bookshelves and showcases.

2. Avoid Clutter

A bookshelf looks best without clutter. Decorate the shelf with essential items. Another way of maintaining a simple, clean design is to focus on a dominant color. For instance, if you select blue make sure your accent items are that color. You can place items on each shelf ranging from blue candles and glass bowls to figurines and bases. This keeps the overall appearance clean.     

3. Stay Balanced

Do you have a home office? Normally, this is one area where being organized is very important. With that said, keep the elements on your bookshelf symmetrical. For example, if you have a framed picture on one side of the shelf, do the same on the other end. This is one of those pro décor tips that keep everything looking balanced.

4. Add Variety

When it comes to interior design, visual interest is essential. Use a variety of tall, medium and short items. For example, instead of stacking books together that are the same height, mix and match them. This keeps the eye moving and gives your shelf a fresh look.

5. Display Artwork

Have any art you don’t know what to do with? Simply place them on the shelf. Bookshelves are excellent areas for showcasing art pieces. Get creative. Hang the pieces on the shelf wall behind the books, lean them against the books or set them on top of a stack of books. As a rule of thumb, make sure the artwork has a common dominant color. This keeps the overall design cohesive. Don’t let your shelve become an afterthought to your interior design. Instead, make them an integral part of your décor by adding elements that reflect your unique style, taste and personality. If you need more creative ideas for your contemporary house design, contact Design Depot today. We’re here to help you create the perfect contemporary living space that reflects your lifestyle.


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