5 Décor Ideas for Spring

Posted on: February 27th, 2019

The sun is out, flowers are blooming and it’s the perfect time to upgrade the inside of your home with spring décor. Below are five tips for you to keep in mind when putting your winter items away and welcoming the spring days.

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  1. Change Your Color Palette

 Winter means warm, cozy colors during the dreary months, but spring is all about brightening your home. That doesn’t mean you have to paint all your walls bright fuchsia. Rather, consider changing the darker colors for lighter ones. This could be done by bringing out primary colors and even pastels for splashes of warmth throughout your home.

  1. Give Your Curtains a Makeover

 A simple yet effective method to update your interior design is to change your curtains. Exchanging your heavy winter drapes for lighter, airy ones in springtime can make a world of difference in your design strategy. It can open your space, let in more light and add a little bit of brightness to you home.

  1. Swap Out Accent Pieces

 During winter it is fun to bring out the candles and heavy throw blankets to make the inside of your home warm and inviting. But spring is all about bringing the lighter colors in. One easy way to do this is to change your accessories. Décor tips for this include introducing items into your space such as a glass terrarium, white candles, and wicker baskets. You could also change the hardware in your home, like doorknobs, handles and light fixtures for lighter materials and brighter colors.

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  1. Bring the Outdoors In

Flowers and greenery can brighten up any space. You could add glass or light colored vases full of flowers from your garden or the market. You can use your favorite flowers or experiment by combining a bunch of flowers to instantly upgrade to your spring décor. This adds a pop of color without doing a lot of work.

  1. Add a Paint Color

Lastly, changing paint colors can have an incredibly impact. If you have an accent wall, consider painting this a lighter or brighter color. A warm spring color or a light pastel would brighten your space up considerably.

Update Your Home for Spring

No matter the style of your home, updating it for spring provides a fresh feel to your space. The five décor tips above are simple strategies you can do to instantly give the interior of your home a facelift without having to repaint every room and buy brand new furniture.


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