5 Hot Design Trends of 2019

Posted on: December 11th, 2018


According to Consumer Reports, updating your home is integral to increasing its value. However, even if you aren’t looking to sell or are currently renting, adding updates can help turn your home into a modern retreat for you and your family. Here are five trends in interior design you’ll see in 2019 and décor tips to get you started.

  1. Conscious Design

Gone are the days of decorating for appearance’s sake alone. Interior design in 2019 takes on a holistic approach, integrating elements that nurture your well-being while enhancing your day-to-day lifestyle. Add furniture that will be comfortable and welcoming when you need to relax, accented with a cozy throw blanket and a soothing water feature along a nearby wall. Choose pieces that can be customized specifically to your space and current needs. In a small room, reduce floor clutter by switching to a Murphy bed or incorporating an island unit. Offer a pleasing aesthetic to a space while increasing functionality with hanging shelving units designed with an artistic flair.

  1. Au Naturel


Natural is in and can be incorporated with light, matte hardwood flooring and furniture that features wooden structures or nature-inspired finishes. Stones such as onyx, slate, marble, and granite are also hot design elements, along with concrete and copper. Add a fresh touch with the inclusion of green, leafy plants.

  1. Blush and Bold


Neutrals are shifting from cool grays and whites to warmer tones. Blushes in particular will be one of the trendiest backdrops in interior design. Warmth extends to color palettes, too, as autumn tones such as terracotta and marigold are quickly climbing in popularity. For cooler shades, add a pop of color with bold jewel tones, shades of green, or deep purple.

  1. Metals

Metals are still trending, but the pressure to perfectly match them is not. Choose a couple of your favorite metals and use an accent piece to tie them together. For a modern look that will set your home apart, use metallic paint on cabinets or on an accent wall. A deep jewel tone can give a room a completely new feel.

  1. Geometric Pieces


Trends in 2019 include plenty of geometric designs pulled from the mid-20th century. You can give a space an updated contemporary feel by choosing shelving or a console with strong, angular lines. However, geometric does not suggest lines and angles only. Curves à la 1970s-inspired furniture can be seen in round-backed sofas and chairs, along with curved accent tables and ottomans. Expect to also see geometric patterns and forms in accessories such as mirrors, wall art, and area rugs.

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