5 Ways to Make Your Headboard the Focal Point of Your Bedroom

Posted on: June 11th, 2019

Creating a focal point is one of the most dramatic décor tips you can use when designing your bedroom. Because the bed is the most important furniture you’ll buy for this space, it’s worth it to make this area a statement. Headboards have the power to transform your mattress into a visually stunning piece of art. Here are five bold ways to make it happen.

1. Maximize Your Ceiling Height

Low ceilings can appear much larger when you fill in more of the wall’s real estate. A headboard with lots of height will immediately attract your gaze as you enter the space, simply because it’s now the tallest thing in the room. Those extra vertical inches will also give you more back support if you frequently sit up in bed with a good book or a classic movie.

2. Choose Fabric Upholstery

Because the drywall itself is hard, fabric can create a focal point of softness when positioned against the wall. Upholstered headboards come in many different colors and textiles, but sometimes simple can make the most impact. Additionally, tufting often shows up in décor tips as a classic technique that helps support a sophisticated style.

3. Satisfy Multiple Purposes

Your headboard can stretch far beyond the edges of your mattress, extending across most of the wall where your bed sits. These extra-long pieces can even include built-in nightstands and additional shelving where you can house knickknacks or other decorative items. These little touches, combined with the massive size, can become an instant focal point.

4. Embrace Interesting Shapes

There’s no law that says headboards must be rectangular. You can really think outside the box by going with round or asymmetrical shapes. These types of pieces work well within daring design styles. The unexpectedness of an unconventional headboard is sure to draw the eye of anyone who walks by your bedroom.

5. Find Bold Patterns

Patterns are not necessarily limited to fabrics. Wood and stone can create interesting looks when planks or tiles are arranged in a particular way. Look for pieces that have texture and aesthetic appeal. Fabric textiles can still come together in a creative way when upholstered panels are assembled to look like a brick pattern.

A focal point can be tricky, but it can be fun to experiment with different ideas as you shop around. Keep these décor tips in mind as you begin the search for your perfect bed and the headboard that completes it.


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