6 Easy Tips to Decorate with Flowers

Posted on: April 23rd, 2015

Photo by bastii.

Flowers are always welcomed into our homes. It doesn’t matter the season, they add charm and freshness to any ambient and bring energy from the nature into our daily lives. Whatever your style, flowers and plants can help you to create a space that reflects your personality.

Despite the common belief that flowers in décor are hard to maintain, most flowers and natural plants, in fact, just require a little bit of care and some fresh water and common sense.

TIP #1: Matching flowers and wall colors

You can use two or three types of flowers and greens per vase to match colors in the room. Flowers like pot marigold, pansy, gerbera, begonia, iris or carnation, tulip and roses are ideal to match with vivid colors such as yellow, red and pink. Azaleas, hydrangeas, and daisies are a perfect match for cold tones such as blue and violet.

TIP #2: The right rooms to have flowers

You can decorate almost any room with flowers or plants. Living and dining rooms are perfect places for them, as well as hallways, balconies and even bathrooms. But flowers and plants, in general, are not recommended for bedrooms and kitchens. In bedrooms, they can “steal” oxygen from the ambient or trigger some allergies. In kitchens, heat and steam can kill them. So avoid flowers and plants in these rooms. Also, callas, lilies, and dumb canes can be very allergic to some people so choose places with good air circulation and avoid spaces in your house where kids and pets are a constant presence.


TIP #3: The right plant for your routine

When choosing plants and flowers for your décor, take into consideration yours and your family’s daily routine. Some types of flowers demand periodic care besides watering. So if you don’t have much time, cactus and succulents are good options because they don’t require much maintenance and are very charming.

TIP # 4: Use wallpaper instead natural flowers

If you don’t have time at all and want to bring this natural feeling into your house you can use wallpaper with floral patterns as an alternative. Wallpapers are timeless and extremely versatile, and floral prints can create a special atmosphere by adding colors and graceful shapes to bare walls.


TIP #5: Less is more also with flowers

Flowers and plants should be used as a support for your décor. Avoid packing a room with too many flowers and objects. Try to keep a good balance between flowers and accent pieces. If the space already has too many objects, you can opt for smaller arrangements.

TIP #6: Know your plants

It is extremely important to choose the right vase for your arrangement. Some plants require more space for their roots while others, such as bamboos, can be placed in a narrow mouth vase. Don’t forget to consider humidity, sunlight and air circulation in each room of your house, these factors are crucial to keep your plants healthy and beautiful.


General Tips

– Keep flowers in fresh and cool places, but avoid leaving them closer to the air-conditioner vents because they dehydrate quickly

– Do not expose them to direct sunlight and winds

– Clean the vases and change water frequently and discard petals and leaves that are losing beauty

– Keep the bouquet in water and remove dry leaves. Every day, make diagonal cuts approximately two inches of the stems

– Fill the floral arrangements daily with water

– Check the condition of the soil where you planted the flowers, keeping it always moist (but not soaked). Avoid water accumulation in the support plate.


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