6 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space Ready for Summer

Posted on: May 19th, 2016


Poly Chair

Poly Chair

Just like we tend to rearrange our furniture in our house from time to time, we need to show the same love to our outdoor spaces. An updated furniture arrangement will make your outdoor space feel new and give you a fresh perspective. If you are just starting to look for new furniture do not be afraid to venture out and try different styles of seating. This POLY chair is a great example; a stackable chair made of glossy polycarbonate available in transparent or smoked. It is also available in the different versions with a glossy polyamide finish in plain black or white. Stable and weather resistant, this piece will be a nice addition to your outdoor space.


It’s never a bad idea to purchase a few new outdoor pillows, an ottoman, side table or even a cool coat stand like the original and evocative Eos, a coat stand made of polyethylene available in matt white, anthracite grey, orange or light blue.

On the left - Element Pillow | On the right Hourglass Pillow

On the left – Element Pillow | On the right Hourglass Pillow

Thanks to the polyethylene material, this piece has exceptional weather resistance which makes it tremendous for outdoor use. Finding new pieces for your outdoor space, large or small, can make a big impact! Now is a best time to look for outdoor furniture as a lot of the best pieces sell quickly!

EOS Lamp

EOS Lamp


Most people do not consider using a rub in their outdoor space but by doing so creates a whole new level of comfort and a unique visual interest. Outdoor rugs are typically reasonably priced in comparison to indoor rugs. These types of rugs are very easy to clean, (Just spray them off with the hose!) and they last several years due to being weather resistant. The same rules apply to the rug sizes on the inside of our home as the outside. The bigger, the better! When finding the perfect rug size make sure all of your furniture pieces are grounded nicely on the rug!


Much like your indoor space, your outdoor space can benefit from multiple layers of lighting. Feel free to string up bistro lights, add lanterns, and light your fireplace when entertaining if you have one.  For example we have the Tree light, available in white made of matt polyethylene and can also be used as a tree coat or even pool towel stand. The ambiance that varying levels of lighting create cannot be replaced by anything else. It’s a definite must have for a complete outdoor space!

Tree Lamp

Tree Lamp


You want to have the perfect outdoor space for entertaining so you need to have a few essentials for guests. Having a tiered rolling cart is the easiest and most inexpensive way to be ready to entertain. Stock the heaviest mixers and other extras on the bottom level. Place your glasses and unbreakable cups on the middle shelf. Your beverage selections are best displayed across the top. Be sure to leave enough room for mixing! Now just leave out some prepared-in-advance garnishes, like lime and lemons, so everyone can easily access them, and voilà, you’re ready to go!


Take a look around, how do you feel about your space now? What about adding some additional outdoor chairs for extra visitors, perhaps? This Hidra Poly chair in polypropylene and glass fiber is great for outdoors and is stackable, which is ideal for when last minute guests arrive.

Hidra Polly Chair

Hidra Polly Chair

Now you are set for a summer of good times in your backyard.  Hopefully you enjoyed these helpful tips as you get ready to start entertaining outside this summer!


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