7 Tips to Help You Decide Between a Sectional or a Sofa

Posted on: July 7th, 2016

When it’s time to purchase new furniture for your living room, you want to create one with a bold statement and personality. Your living space is the first room you will want to crash in after a hard day’s work; weather its physical work or just brain draining tasks. An important decision is whether or not you should go with the classic sofa (or sofa and loveseat combination), or a sectional. Size, comfort, and aesthetics all are things to consider. It’s not the easiest of decision but we have some advice to guide you along the way.

1) If you like to rearrange your furniture often, a sectional is not for you.

You probably will not have many options with a sectional. It will probably only work one-way due to TV viewing, door openings etc.


Aston sofa


Lounge sofa

2) If you like a variety of fabrics and textures, it’s easier to accomplish with a sofa.

With this option you can choose a sofa in one fabric, a pair of chairs in another, and another piece of décor in a third or fourth fabric. Play with textures and patterns, but make sure they complement each other and add personality to the room.


Aston sofa


Crossover collection

3) Sectionals can seat a lot of people

To maximize your space for the most seating, a sectional is perfect. Family members can be comfortable on a daily basis and there is enough space to accommodate friends and family when you host. This type of sofa also offers great ‘snuggle-ability’ for families.


Freetown sectional

4) Choose the purpose for the room; family hangout or hosting guests?

If you want to create a visual ambiance, over a formal one, a sectional would be the better choice. Sectionals are a great gathering place for family, especially during movie night; where you can be close and snuggle up. Although the closeness can be nice, remember sectionals do not provide a lot of separation. When you entertain for guests or even immediate family, you only have one option for seating; which is up-close and personal.


Plat sectional

5) Rooms will look larger with sofa and chairs.

Your sofa will anchor the living space. A sectional on the other hand, can look dense, and they often require higher ceilings or large room; sectionals can overpower a room easily.


Asolo sofa

6) Sectionals create a nice space to view the TV from all seats.

The first aspect to consider is the room layout and whether or not the sectional sofa would even fit in the room. If the answer is yes, then this might be a smart option for you. In this photo, the sectional is actually the best fit for the space.


Sound sectional

Once you have considered all aspects on what will work best for your space, you are ready to purchase your new furniture! Happy shopping!


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