8 Striking Coffee Table Styling Ideas

Posted on: January 12th, 2017

Since the arrival of the first coffee table in the mid 1800’s, these low, sturdy tables have become a natural gathering place in most homes. At Design Depot, coffee tables are made to serve as both a focal point and an expression of personal style. If you are searching for décor tips that will help you give your coffee table a fresh look, here are eight ideas to get you started.

Décor Inspiration from Your Surroundings

1.     Bold Palettes: Use rich, inviting colors to complement a neutral palette. A spray of orange Gerber daisies and two turquoise candles will bring extra warmth to the room.

2.     House Plants: The idea of gardening might seem overwhelming, but there are plenty of house plants that require minimal care, like aloe or bamboo. These low-maintenance plants are also the perfect addition to sleek, flowing coffee tables like the Zen.



3.     Hobbies and Interests: Décor tips are helpful, but be sure to infuse some of your own personality into your display. Photo albums from recent trips or fun antique finds make for great conversation starters too.

Create Your Own Balance

4.     Full Circle: Your décor inspiration should take into consideration height, depth and distance. If your arrangement seems dull or unappealing from across the room, try stacking a few books to one side or adding an aromatic basket of potpourri.

5.     Section Off: Does your styling look too orderly or even forced? Large coffee tables, such as Design Depot’s Gotham Low, are easier to style in sections. Imagine the tabletop as three or four smaller spaces to create separate yet distinct focal points.

Gotham Low

Gotham Low

Décor Tips for Entertaining

6.     Game Night: When you think of game night, where do you usually gather to play? If the living room is your first choice, your décor inspiration could start with a deck of cards and a few classic board games.

7.     Snack Time: Do you dread serving drinks or food to your guests? To minimize the mess, use elegant trays to hold cocktails and snacks. Coffee tables with shelving on the bottom also provide a convenient place to stow empty trays.

8.     Wide Open: If you do a lot of entertaining, it is important to leave enough space on your coffee table for activities and refreshments. Popular décor tips that can help you achieve a harmonious balance include asymmetrical styling or even two separate tables.

Above all else, décor inspiration can be found anywhere, and the coffee tables at Design Depot are an inspiration in themselves. Just be sure to measure your space carefully before settling on a specific style. Whether you prefer a chic, modern vibe or an airy, comfortable atmosphere, these simple décor tips will help you create a striking new arrangement for your coffee table.


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