8 Tips to Create the Perfect Playroom

Posted on: April 20th, 2016

A child’s growth is important. Having a space to play in isn’t just about having fun, it’s an investment into their motor skills, sense of balance, social skills like cooperation and teamwork, and even their self esteem. Kids need to have a designated space where they can feel comfortable and explore their creativity freely. This space doesn’t need to be large but it needs to be able to store their toys and other items. Designing and decorating this room should be something you both can enjoy together.


1. Room Layout

Designing the playroom is just like designing every other room in the house; it needs an accent wall, practical furniture, a lot of storage, and plenty of free floor space! Kids love bright and vibrant colors and enjoy having a lot of space at their disposal. When planning this space make sure your child’s personality shines through; after all it’s their room!


2. Toys Storage

It’s important to have lots of storage space in the playroom. Kids need to be able to organize their toys after they’re finished playing with them. Also, try to save as much space as possible. For example, these TONE ottomans are also storage and keeps toys out of sight when they’re not playing with it. Remember that storage is only half of the battle. Make sure kids have easy access to the items they regularly use.


Tone ottoman by Bontempi


3. Craft Table

A great addition to the room is a small table and chairs, their size, to work on creative projects and crafts. A fun creative option is a table with a chalkboard top to write and draw and then easily wipe away their creation and start over. Include plenty of space since this table will be used for a range of play; block building, play dough, and creative crafts.


4. Comfy Seating

A sitting area that is comfortable is another playroom layout possibility. A few armchairs or beanbags can make for a cozy reading nook. For comfort and style, check out FRIDA armchairs that add personality and color to the space.


Frida chair by Contempo


5. When Their Playroom Is the Bedroom

If the play space will be apart of the child’s bedroom there are many layout options to consider. Since a bed will be taking up majority of the space, choose a fun and functional bed that has drawers that serve as storage for toys and other items.


Titti bed by Bonaldo

6. Create A Homework Corner That Won’t Be Dreaded

The first year of school is a huge change for your little one. Help by easing in the transition but supporting this new venture with a dedicated creative space all to their own, one they will feel comfortable and proud of. Include everything a child could need when starting school: a child sized desk, hanging storage, an achievement wall, and plenty to space to get creative!


7. Framing Their Art and Making a Gallery

Creative kids like trying new things and like to see their work on the wall. Hanging their artwork on the wall is good but, framed is better. Try using different creative frames and layouts to make a strong impact to the room.


8. Let them Play Interior Designer

Creating doesn’t stop at pens and pencils. Find ways to include them in the decorating of their room. An ordinary window blind is easy to personalize by using stencils, or glitter and glue.


There are endless possibilities and there is now right or wrong way to decorate your child’s playroom. Weather you’re seeking a modern space or where fantasy meet reality, enjoy the process and cherish memory you’re creating with your child by designing this room together.


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