How to Choose the Right Accent Chair for Your Living Room

Posted on: January 25th, 2017

When it comes to finding an accent chair, it can be difficult to find décor tips that mirror your individual tastes. As a result, Design Depot strives to provide a broad range of chair styles that can be blended effortlessly into your décor.

Décor Inspiration and Placement

Before you can start shopping for the perfect accent chair, you must consider the size of the room. You may have noticed that there is not enough seating for your guests, or perhaps there is an inviting corner you are already planning to fill with a cozy chair. Either way, accurate measurements are crucial if you want your chair to flow seamlessly with the rest of your furniture. Some popular décor tips to help you establish a layout include:

·       Masking Tape: Use masking tape to define the floor space where your chair will sit. This method works well on hardwood and carpet. Once you know how much space is available, you can apply your décor inspiration based on the proportions of the room.

·       Think Round: An accent chair does not have to be parallel with the wall or the rest of your furniture. Instead, create a more social atmosphere by grouping chairs and tables in separate clusters. When you entertain, guests will drift naturally to these seating areas for conversation and refreshment.

·       Contrast and Depth: Combine different finishes to add depth to the room. For example, a dark wooden chair contrasts pleasantly with plush, cream-colored couches.

Décor Tips Versus Function

Another critical factor to consider is how you plan to use your chair. For example, a comfortable Tulip chair is ideal for a well-lit reading nook. However, your décor inspiration should also be based on practicality, which makes simple styles like the Biba chair perfect for smaller spaces. Whether you need an accent chair to complete the interior of your living room or you are simply trying to establish a go-to spot after a long day of work, the style you choose for your chair should emulate both personality and function.

Left - Tulip Chair | Right - Biba Chair

Left – Tulip Chair | Right – Biba Chair

Break from Tradition

Look to various sources for décor tips, and don’t be afraid to add your own ideas. Have fun picturing different styles, colors and fabrics in your living room rather than sticking to a strictly ordered template. Décor inspiration for your new accent chair can come from open houses, magazines or even your favorite café, so there is no need to limit your imagination. For an eclectic look, try mixing classic and contemporary styles, such as Design Depot’s streamlined Gaia and the high-backed Mademoiselle.

Left - Gaia Chair | Right - Mademoiselle Chair

Left – Gaia Chair | Right – Mademoiselle Chair

In the end, choosing the right accent chair is all about the type of environment you are trying to create. Whether you prefer soft, traditional lounges or bright, futuristic charm, Design Depot has the solution to seating for your living room.


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