Choosing the Right Mirror

Posted on: November 29th, 2019
Dumbo mirror

A mirror is much more than a piece of reflective glass; it can transform a room into a brighter, more dynamic and seemingly more spacious area. Although there is an overwhelming number of mirrors on the market, knowing the following decor tips will make it easy to purchase a beautiful and complementary accent for your home.

First Steps

The best thing to do before beginning the search for a mirror is to choose the place where you want to hang it. Even if you know which room it will be in, spend time considering which wall you would like it to be on. When deciding on a wall, keep in mind that the mirror will reflect whatever it faces. Take a photograph of the wall you choose so that you will have a visual when you go shopping.

Ideal Sizes

Size is a key aspect of choosing a mirror, and it depends on where you intend to hang the mirror.

  • Small or Medium: A small or medium mirror has the greatest impact if you hang it in a group of other mirrors. Each mirror will reflect the room and the light in distinct ways, so if you install them in a large creative shape, the wall will become an eye-catching part of the room.
  • Large: A large mirror with a thicker frame will immediately draw the focus to the area where it hangs.
  • Extra-large: An extra-large mirrors without a frame will appear to be part of the wall and give the illusion of a bigger room. 

Infinite Number of Shapes

A mirror’s shape is just as important as size because of its significant influence on a room’s appearance and feel.

  • Rectangle or Square: A rectangular or square mirror will provide your wall with a sleek, sophisticated touch.
  • Long Rectangle: The direction in which a long rectangular mirror hangs creates different effects. If it hangs vertically, it will cause you to look up, making the ceilings feel higher. If it hangs horizontally, it will make the room feel wider as your eyes travel across the mirror.
  • Round: A mirror that is round or that has rounded corners will give your room an elegant quality, or if the frame is bright and bold, it will create a playful mood.

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