Create an Oasis with the Perfect Patio Furniture

Posted on: June 8th, 2017

If you’ve always wanted to use your patio as an outdoor extension of your home but didn’t know how to maximize the space in an attractive way, now is the time to get started. Patio furniture and outdoor décor are the perfect opportunities to make a visual impact while creating inviting spaces you and your family will love. Check out our list of options for outdoor furniture. You’re sure to find some décor inspiration.

Start with the Space
Before you start shopping for patio furniture, take a quick moment to consider the space you are working with. Depending on the size of your patio, you may only have room for a small conversation area with a few individual chairs. Or, if your back yard is expansive, you could fit several sofa-size pieces and a coffee table filled with outdoor décor. Make sure you are being practical about your furniture choices.

Modern Style

With its sleek lines and generally smaller footprint, pieces with a modern flair are very popular for outdoor spaces. If angles and austerity match the outside design of your home, this is the ideal place to look for décor inspiration. You can always dress up the sleek furniture with inviting pillows and functional tables decorated with living plants or pops of color.

Going Bright

Bright colors are always welcome in an outdoors space, even if your interior décor is more monochromatic. Colorful patio furniture or accessories appear as though they are part of the landscape, mirroring the flowering plants you have growing in your back yard. Turquoise, red and coral are popular shades to incorporate in outdoor décor.

Consider Materials

Metal furniture is a great choice for patio furnishings, especially those in a modern design. But naturalistic choices such as rattan, bamboo or wood also are commonly used outdoors. If you are taking décor inspiration from the interior design of your home, you might have an obvious choice for furniture material. Large rattan pieces – either real or composite – are welcoming and comfortable with generous cushions. Wood pieces are perfectly at home in the natural environment, and many require just minimal maintenance.


Choosing the right accoutrements is vital to making your patio furniture work as entertainment tools. Make sure you’ve got plenty of side tables, benches and lounging chairs so that everyone who uses your outside oasis will be content.

Back yard living is a great place to express your décor inspiration. By choosing the ideal patio pieces for your needs and design sensibilities, your outdoor retreat can be just a few steps away.


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