Creating a Focal Point in Any Room With Accent Chairs

Posted on: February 28th, 2018


Every room in the house has that one piece that simply draws everything together, that something that acts as the focal piece and brings balance to the many elements of your interior design. With any room in the house, that singular piece can be an accent chair. Now that you know what it is that draws the eye without overwhelming it, learn how to choose the right chair for any area in your home.

Use Color to Your Advantage

Take a look at the current colors in the room that needs a point of design concentration. It’s best that the room has a neutral color scheme, something that works with a wide variety of colors and patterns. When you’re ready to choose your accent chair, opt for a shade that’s bold and vibrant, yet blends in perfectly with the other colors in your room.


If you’re going for a strong and authoritative look for your focal point, black makes for a great color. Black accent chairs can root the rest of your design and make it that much more attractive without you having to go to great lengths. You can take this suggestion one step further by having your black chair be of a shape and design that’s funky and different from the rest of the decor in the room.


Pay Attention to Placement

Something else to consider is where you place your chair; after all, location is just as essential in interior design as it is in real estate. Rather than tuck the chair in a corner, try to position it somewhere in the center of the room, or at least in the middle of the wall you decide to place it against. You can add a few complementary décor ideas or small furniture pieces around the chair that act as accessories and bring out a bit of extra flavor.


Refrain from Accent Overload

It’s easy to get carried away when it comes to decorating your home. For that reason, you want to use the utmost caution when accenting a room and not have two focal points. Remember, you want the look and feel of every room in your house to glide together, not give off a jarring aesthetic that pits focal points (as well as eyes) against each other.

Haiku Mini

Now you have a solid guide for narrowing down your options for the best accent chair for any room in your home. Above all else, make sure you have fun with the process!


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