Décor Tips for Timeless Design

Posted on: January 9th, 2019

Decorating your home should reflect your personal style without going overboard on trendy themes. These décor tips can help you determine how to best decorate your home to achieve an effortlessly classic design that can outlast all the fashion trends.


Avoid Trends

It’s tempting to go with the flow and make your home follow the latest trends. However, what’s trendy at the moment will fade soon after as another one swoops in and replaces it. That chevron wallpaper might be popular at the moment, but can become old in a year or two, leaving you with an outdated style. To make your home décor last through all the ages of trends and whims of the design world, decorate with a timeless design.

Go For Neutrals

A neutral color palette is the best choice if you want a home that can move with the seasons and remain beautiful throughout the year. A bright coral wall or bold stripes may seem inviting and fun, but trends fade quickly. To avoid having to constantly update your home to keep up with the current looks, choose neutral colors for your walls such as gray or beige.


Neutrals can look like boring colors, but it’s the simplicity of them that remains timeless throughout the years. If you’re worried about your home looking dull there are plenty of décor tips to spruce things up, including the following:

  • Accent pillows in bright colors or patterns
  • A piece of artwork that pops against the neutral wall
  • A bold lamp that adds a splash of color


Play Up Symmetry

A key to a home that is aesthetically pleasing is symmetry. It’s all about creating a mirrored image in the space, such as having matching chairs on either side of a sofa or identical vases framing a mantle. Uneven spaces can make a room feel closed or unbalanced, so it’s important to be deliberate with your interior design choices. 

Create a Focal Point

In any room, a strong focal point draws the eye and gives it a place to rest. Without this, there’s nothing for the design to hold onto. Examples of a focal point include the following:

  • A fireplace
  • A piece of art
  • A piece of furniture
  • A large window



Timeless Design is Deliberate

No matter how effortless the interior of a home appears, creating a classic style is a deliberate action and requires thoughtful development. Play with the design elements you like and shape them around these décor tips to create the best and most timeless interior that suits you and your life.



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