Décor trends you should get rid of in 2017

Posted on: April 11th, 2017

Here are some trends which need to be disposed of in 2017, along with some furniture décor tips that will help your interiors recover from any previous design enthusiasm.

Overload Aftermath

Photo by Erol Ahmed

Do you know someone whose home looks like it is in the tropics, a factory, or a barn? The trends that were so enthusiastically embraced make it look like that, and the effect is just downright awkward today. Palm prints enjoyed a brief revival which is now past, so hopefully, you just popped for printed pillows rather than reupholstering your whole couch in palm print. The overuse of Edison bulbs, pipe shelving, and other industrial effects such as marquee arrows has made this trend a little trite. Industrial as a style will continue, but needs to be softened and sophisticated with upscale fabrics and undergo a tchotchke removal.

Mid Century Meltdown

Boxy approximations of mid-century modern furniture are falling flat as a design trend. Everyone went wild with the idea of mid-century modern, but the execution of the idea often fell short as blocky rehashes of the style flooded the furniture market. If you have the real thing you will continue to have something to work with, but the budget styles will have to go.

Redefining Contemporary

Doppler Sideboard

In past years, the all-white color scheme was exalted as the ultimate in contemporary, and the trend especially took hold in kitchens. People who went in for the trend discovered that their kitchens felt like a medical clinic exam room and were very hard to keep looking their cleanest. Monochromatic contemporary spaces such as living rooms will also need an update. There’s no need to scrap everything white but think of finding décor inspiration with pops of color such as colorful chairs in the living room or darker cabinets in the kitchen. Incorporating navy blue is a great way to add depth while keeping the overall feel contemporary and crisp.

Time to Disembark

If you have not indulged in surfacing your walls and furniture in shiplap, do not start now.
2017 is the time for shiplap to go overboard. While being a great way to extend the farmhouse vibe, if you live in a farmhouse. The over enthusiastic use of shiplap on everything from walls to headboards has left homeowners with a huge potential remodeling job on their hands. Shiplap is the 2010’s version of the 1970’s wood paneling which was ubiquitous to that decade. When the time came to take out 1970’s wood paneling, homeowners were faced with drywall repair or replacement because of the paneling’s grip on the walls.
Just like clothing styles revive from time to time, so do some décor trends. Take a realistic look at your interiors and find décor inspiration from color and texture.


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