Decorating an Entryway Console

Posted on: July 14th, 2017

If you feel your entryway is dull and less than welcoming, a console table can come to the rescue. These tables are generally narrow and make a great place for displaying things. They are often found in halls, entrances, near staircases and in awkward niches.

The idea of using such pieces to decorate derives from traditional architecture. The term console refers to a ledge on the wall that acts as a support. Today’s modern tables act in the same manner, holding treasured items you wish to spotlight. They also are practical by providing a surface for entrance lighting, and, depending upon the design of the table, perhaps extra storage. If you are looking for décor inspiration for your entrance, a console table may be right for you.

Welcome to Wonderful


There are many ways to use an entrance table to great advantage. Start by looking at what you already have. Are there favorite items you want to shine the spotlight on? Are there items packed away until you find the right space for them? A console table placed near the front door could be the answer. Perhaps you are starting from scratch in your first apartment. Here are tips on creating an entrance so marvelous that you may have trouble urging guests into the sitting room.

Ageless Beauty


The classic way to decorate your entryway table is with an attractive mirror, a pair of fabulous lamps, a stylish stool and beautiful accessories. This formula works with all decorating styles. A console table itself can even become the focal point. Examples are mirrored tables or those with appealing paint patterns.

Spotlight on Art


A variation on the timeless decoration method already described is to substitute a piece of stunning art for a mirror. Do not be afraid to go bold. For example, a print of an album cover from the Sex Pistols in a gilded frame makes a strong statement with its visual elements as well as the unusual combination of punk and panache.

Enter Accessories


The choices and combinations of lovely, eye-catching accessories are almost endless and as individual as you are. For décor inspiration, think about the feeling you would like to express. Candles and a bowl of pears, oranges or lemons is simple yet deeply welcoming. Books, seashells and tall, striking plants such as orchids are elegant and sophisticated. This is also a great place for displaying your family photos. Favorite bric-a-brac and cherished music boxes can also find a place here.

An entryway console table is perfect for displaying wonderful items, placing lamps for a soft, inviting glow and imparting a stylish yet welcoming feeling to your dwelling, be it mansion or condo. The right piece can make everyone feel at home, including you.


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