Dress Up Your Living Space: 10 Low Maintenance Plants

Posted on: February 26th, 2016

Finding the right plant for a room can be tricky enough let alone keeping it alive. Indoor plants to help clean up your air quality, environment and can dress up any living space. If you have an active lifestyle or just forget to water your plants, low maintenance plants will be the best for you; and the foliage.


1 | Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

The leaves on this beauty will make you want to reach out and touch them. With glossy greens, silver spots and streaks these qualities produce a subtle plant of wonder. The Chinese Evergreen is one of the most tolerant, hardy houseplants that thrives is low light and only needs moderate water. Being a tropical plant, they like slightly humid conditions with room temperature averaging 65 degrees; anything below will produce brown spots on the leaves.

Zone: Moderate Light

2 | Miniature Herb Topiaries

These miniatures plants are tiny trio Topiaries in Serissa, Lavender and Rosemary. They thrive in sunny spots and will adorn a kitchen counter or window with style.  These plants need to be watered regularly but cannot be over watered or over dry.

Zone: Bright Light | Flower Color: Blue, white and lavender

3 | Moth Orchid

Ranking number one in air-purification, these plants not only provide a healthy addition to your living space but also beautiful vibrant colors. The Moth Orchid also blooms two or three times per year.  Water this beauty every seven days but be aware of overwatering.

Bloom Time: Spring to Fall | Zones: Bright & Indirect

4| Ponytail Palm

If you are forgetful about watering your plants this one is resilient. This palm is super low maintenance and can last decades if taken care of properly. Water only every seven to fourteen days. This plant is the ultimate survivor and is almost impossible to perish.

Zone: Bright light or near a window.

5| Cactus Bonsai Combo

We all love options and with this setup, you can get a bit of everything. The cacti bonsai are super low maintenance and are captivating to look at. This combo only requires a little water and thrives well in warm environments.

Zones: Bright Light Required

6| Braided Ficus Tree

This plant is guaranteed to dress up any living space. The braided stems provide intertwined elegance and the top is a beautiful green lush. This tree needs constant moisture and does not tolerate the cold.

Zone: Bright Indirect Light

7| Angel Ivy Topiary (Wire Vine)

This is a very lush a growing plant and can reach heights of 12 inches. These plants thrive best in warm climates and like to be watered moderately. Make sure to upkeep the vines in a set design, if not you’ll have vines gone wild.

Zone: Bright Indirect Light

8| Chamaedorea Palm

This palm is a great option for an indoor plant. It is small and will make a great addition to an entryway or hallway. This palm loves average home temperatures and moderate humidity. They are tough and like their soil moist but can be occasionally dry.

Zone: Indirect Light

9| Peace Lilly (Spathiphyllum)

This beautiful plant has white fan like flowers that bloom amidst dark green leaves. This plant is hardy and only needs to be watered once every seven to ten days. Even if under watered this plant will bounce back to life quickly.

Zones: Deep Shade With Humidity

10| Amaryllis (Yellow Goddess)

Last but not least this beautiful yellow flower will bring the feeling of spring indoors all year long! This flower has soft hues of yellow blooms that are compact but can reach heights of twenty inches. Yellow goddesses bloom six to eight weeks after potting in midwinter to early spring.

Zones: Bright Indirect Light


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