Eight Ways to Refresh Your Living Space

Posted on: March 23rd, 2016

Coming home to the same living space everyday can become a repetitive dull routine. A change of pace and overhaul of your space will make it feel alive again. Get creative and inspired by these eight easy ways to update your living space.

Lighten Up

Update your overhead lighting fixture with a more contemporary option, which can serve as fresh accent piece to your room. If you love that current overhead light, help distribute light throughout the room by adding modern table lamps or chic wall sconces.


Little Flag lamp by Cattelan Italia

Move It Around

Repositioning your furniture can make a huge difference to the flow of the room and provide a new perspective to your furnishings.


Plat sofa by Arketipo

Paint It

A new coat of paint will do wonders to change the ambiance and look to the room. When choosing paint, make sure the chosen contrast color to the wall matches your current furnishings and compliments your baseboard and woodwork.


Vienna sofa by Camerich

Add a Few Rugs

Hardwood and carpeted floors are easy to dress up with a few rugs. This can liven up a space a little cost and little effort.


Lazy Time sofa by Camerich

Exchange Old Artwork and Accessories

Rotating and changing out a few accent pieces in the room can breathe new life into the space. Knick-knacks and accessories are some of the least expensive ways to dress up the room; and when you are tired of them, retire them and start fresh.


Boxer tv cabinet

Seasonal Accents

Having accessories that reflect the season can add spirit, and cheer into the space. Set a bowl of seashells with pastel furnishings during summer and spring months. Add a candle and warm hues when autumn approaches. Finally switch to a basket of pinecones and a tasteful wreath during those winter months.


Freetown sofa by Camerich

Throw The Pillows In

Characterize the room and unite splashes of color by adding decorative lush pillows. Search any home store to find textures, colors and sizes that match your living space.


Alfred sofa by Gamma

Update Your Window Treatments

By leaving your windows bare, you are missing out on a whole layer of decorating. Windows can be dressed to perfectly suit your preference and taste. Be bold and choose graphic colorful panels, or go more elegant by white sheers; your options are endless! If you need help choosing the right window treatments, click here.


Brandy sofa by Gamma


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