Home Office Design: How to Create a More Sophisticated Space

Posted on: March 24th, 2017

Whether you run an online business or freelance in your spare time, having a sophisticated home office increases productivity and motivation. These modern décor tips will teach you how to energize your workspace in a way that reflects your personality and creative process.

Get Lost in Nature

Have you ever been sitting at your desk and felt the sudden urge to get up and take a walk? If you don’t have time to lace up your hiking boots in between projects, envision your favorite beach or nature trail and try to bring some of the same beauty into your workspace. Draw your décor inspiration from colors and textures you would find in the great outdoors, then invest in sample swatches to test different combinations in your home office.

Da Vinci

Décor Tips for Lighting

Another easy way to feel more productive while you work is to experiment with windows and light fixtures. To soften the atmosphere of the room, use elegant wall scones to illuminate your space and create visual appeal. You can also take advantage of natural sunlight with French doors or customized plantation windows. If you need a little extra light, an adjustable floor lamp is the perfect desk companion for late night brainstorming and paperwork.

Jesse Stage Desk

Personalized Décor Inspiration

Despite advice from top designers and staging professionals, no list of home office trends would be complete without a few personalized touches. In fact, one of the most important décor tips is to make the space an extension of yourself, so don’t be afraid to incorporate elements that might not fit in the rest of your home. Other items you can use to showcase your individuality include:

  • Family photos
    Abstract artwork
    Antique furniture
    Collectible figurines
    Shadow boxes

Otello Desk

Pick Your Perspective

Any artist will tell you that a good composition needs a focal point. If you are looking for décor inspiration, take a moment to stand at various points throughout the room. Like a well-planned masterpiece, your home office should also have a focal point, but it can be difficult to interpret décor tips to match your expectations and perspective. Try making simple changes, such as:

  • Angling your desk away from the wall. This gives you more room for movement and allows you to interact more with the surrounding furniture.
    Placing a small table and chairs near the window. You can use this space for a quick coffee break or a brief meeting on your home.
    Installing ergonomic furniture. Décor inspiration can come from your physical needs as well as your stylistic preferences.

No matter what you want your home office to look like, these four décor tips are guaranteed to transform a dull day at the computer into an exercise in creativity and expression. After all, working from home is supposed to be a dream job, so you deserve an amazing space to go with the position.


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