How to Arrange Your Furniture

Posted on: October 25th, 2019

One of the most difficult parts of decorating your home can be arranging furniture. Many people are constantly going through the hassle of rearranging their space by dragging heavy furniture around because they aren’t sure what looks and feels best. Ideally, you want to create a layout that fits into space efficiently, looks good and is comfortable to use. Here are some décor tips to help you find an arrangement that works for you.

Leave Room to Breathe

When you plan out the location of all your furniture, make sure to leave enough space for people to comfortably walk through the room. Avoid bunching all your furniture together, because it looks odd and will make people feel cramped as they sit on the couch or eat at a table.  Instead, create a path for foot traffic to flow through naturally. When you host parties or big family events, your guests will thank you! It’s also beneficial to everyday life.

Organize Around Activities

Plan out space according to what you and your family typically do in that room. If you have a TV in the living room, it’s probably a good idea to arrange the seating around it so that everyone in the room can watch movies and shows together. Put tables close enough to chairs and couches for them to be useful. If you do yoga indoors, make sure there’s enough open space to do it comfortably.

Consider Sizing

In order for furniture to work together, the sizes need to be compatible. This sounds simple, but is often one of the hardest parts of finding furniture. For example, don’t put a rolling bar cart in your dining room if the table is already cramped. If your bed is low to the ground, choose a short nightstand that is at hand level, so you can easily reach out to it at night. Situate the largest pieces of furniture first and then plan around them, to avoid having to move a heavy couch around more than once.

Find Focal Points

Choosing a focal point will help you decide how to orient your furniture. If a room has a big window with a beautiful view, that’s the obvious choice for a focal point. In other rooms, you can create one with a television, table or piece of art on the wall. The effect will make the room look well-organized.

When you arrange furniture, use basic knowledge of interior design to guide you. Furniture that is organized carefully will make a room more functional and more attractive, so try these tips today. Make this task easier on yourself by selecting your furniture carefully.


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