How To Become a Master of Minimalism

Posted on: March 27th, 2019

Changing up the look of your home can be a rejuvenating process. If you’re considering a less complicated lifestyle, or simply want a more calming space to rest your head, then minimalism may be the design style that suits you best. These décor tips can get you started off strong as you prepare to transform your space into that retreat you always wanted.

Create a Neutral Backdrop

Loft Sofa

Though neutral is the goal, you don’t necessarily have to choose white. Gray hues, or even cool-toned beiges, can still reflect that conservative interior design you’re looking for without being too stark. Once you have this simple background in place, you can accent the rest of your room with more saturated neutrals, such as light blues or greens. Though small pops can be effective, the less bold colors you use, the more peaceful space will feel.

Choose Furniture With Clean Lines

For modern design, you should try to avoid pieces with ornate details or too many curved shapes. Modular models often embrace the idea of clean lines in order to make assembly a simpler process. In minimalism, you also often see furniture that’s set lower to the ground, creating a cleaner eye-level view of the entire space.

Embrace the Philosophy of “Less Is More”

While decluttering sounds like a daunting task, you can tackle it easy by looking at it another way. Rather than getting rid of items, imagine instead that you’re choosing your favorite pieces and showcasing them. Great décor tips often recommend creating a focal point for eyes to be drawn to. In minimalist interior design, you can create several small focal points on various surfaces throughout the room. Choose one bold piece for your coffee table or pick the most visually interesting piece of artwork to display.

Duffy Keramik Drive

Consider the Function of Your Pieces

One of the most basic principles of minimalism is the idea that everything in your space should serve some kind of purpose. In order to scale back the number of pieces you need, go on a hunt for furniture that serves multiple functions. Ottomans or coffee tables that come with internal storage are great ways to hide all the extra clutter.

Although there are many décor tips that are distinctly minimalist, you can still experiment with your own personal taste to mix things up. Consider these ideas and add in your own find the perfect balance. You’ll end up with a room that’s truly one-of-a-kind and expresses your unique personality.



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