How To Choose a Coffee Table

Posted on: November 14th, 2019
Atari coffee table

A coffee table is a simple piece of furniture that can add dimension and functionality to your space. With countless shape and material options, it is important to evaluate your space so you can purchase one that will enhance the room the most. Below are some decor tips to help you in your search for the perfect coffee table.

Room Assessment

Before you begin shopping, the first step is to asses the space where the coffee table will be. Note the room’s size, ceiling height and color of the walls and existing furniture. Measure the area where you plan to place the table and set the boundaries with painter’s tape. A rule of thumb is that the table should be 18 inches from the end of the other sofa’s or chair’s seats and no higher than the seats.


Next, consider who will be using the coffee table and what its purpose will be. For example, do you host dinner parties and want a coffee table to set plates of hors d’oeuvres on? Make a list of your observations and thoughts to refer to when you look at different tables.


A coffee table’s shape is key to a room’s balance and practicality. Refer to your notes to find the shape that complements your space.

  • Square: Square coffee tables work well in rooms with love seats, sectionals or bigger sofas.
  • Rectangular: For smaller rooms, a rectangular or an oval table fits well and adds a useful surface without taking up the entire room.
  • Oval: Oval coffee tables are also great if you have children (due to the lack of pointed corners) or a small room.
  • Circular: If you have children, a small room or a room with several large seats surrounding the table’s space, circular tables are ideal.


Like the shape, the material you choose will depend on your room size and the table’s functions.

  • Wood: Wood coffee tables can make a space feel cozy and homely; however, they are also heavily built, so they are better for larger rooms with windows and higher ceilings.
  • Glass: Glass tables, particularly ones with thin, chrome legs, add a nice contrast to large couches with fluffy cushions or rooms with several decorations. They are simple and will not make the room look too “busy.”
  • Metal: Metal tables are excellent choices if your room has other wood furniture pieces. For the freshest and most updated look, be careful to select a table that does not contain two different metals.

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