How to Choose the Right Window Treatment

Posted on: January 26th, 2016

Window treatments can be the harmonious balance or, an atrocious contrast to a well-designed room. Finding the perfect window treatment can be a dreadful journey, but with the tips below you can easily decide the optimal treatment for your living space.

Minimal is always Classic

Tossing out the heavy curtains and updating them with a clean shade will give a soft and tailored look for modern décor.


Lighten up the Room

While privacy is important, using heavy lined curtains can take away from natural light, which makes a room feel small and dark. Using light fabrics that match the color of the walls, blend in and, let natural light in the room.


Colors & Patterns

When choosing a color or pattern, you need to decide if you want the treatments to blend in with the décor or make a bold statement in the room. For blending pick colors which are the same tone as the wall but in a darker shade or, a conservative accent color for the room. A bold color will give the room the ‘Wow!’ factor you’ve been looking for. When choosing a pattern never, ever, use a pattern if you have patterned furniture, rugs, or bedding; stick with the solid curtains. If you’re looking to put a subtle fun characteristic to the room use a small, neutral print, like dots, or a tasteful paisley, which will provide balance to the room.


Textiles enhance texture

Consider the mood of the room when picking out the fabric for your space. Cotton works with almost any decor and provides a neat, crisp feel, as does any woolen type of textile. For a more formal space, heavy silk and velvet will set at more sophisticated atmosphere to the space. Where as silky rayon blends, cotton sateen, are a more practical, upscale-casual feel.


The Longer, The Better

Floor length is the most practical accompany to a designed room, unless there are objects below the curtains. Ready-made textile panels are available in lengths from 63 to 144 inches. When choosing the length, measure from the floor to the top of the rod and then round up a couple of inches; you can always have them taken up if they are too long. Having the curtains just hit the floor give them a classic and tailored look; too short of curtains will give you dreadful memories of high-water pants.


With these few tips, your age-old window treatments can now become a thing of the past. Bid you old curtains adieu and proudly embrace new-age design.


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