How to decorate using summer colors

Posted on: August 28th, 2015

Summer is synonymous with bright and vivid colors. And even if summer is already saying goodbye, it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your home from being colorful and fresh. Bringing a little bit of summer into your home will make easier survive the cold and monochromatic winter that is coming ahead.

The following chart was created to inspire and help you to live up your home by simply adding a hint of color to your décor.


1 – Lime: it is excellent to add freshness to any room. You can use it as an accent highlight like a small section of a wall, barstools or throw pillows.

Super Leaves

Leaves by Lumen Center


2 – Yellow: Shine on with sunny yellow. Use it on bookcases, mirror frames or even a hat hanger and pair the color with a neutral hue like gray or white.


Tulip by Gamma


3 – Blue:  it evokes the ocean and beautiful summer skies and it also brings a sense of calm and peace. Use this color on sofas, poufs, pillows or rugs.


Pebble by Bonaldo


4 – Turquoise: it gives to your home an instant boost of energy. If you have a mostly neutral room, a turquoise piece of furniture or a rug, or a wall art will fill you home and soul with tropical joy.


Rug by Surya


Are you ready to keep the summer freshness close to you with these bright and joyful tones? So go ahead and start a new décor project using summer colors. Go to our website and find more inspirational products.


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