How to Hang a Mirror

Posted on: May 24th, 2017

We love mirrors for their ability to enhance space, light, and flow inside areas of all kinds. While hanging a mirror may seem straightforward, using the wrong technique to do so can quickly turn your prized piece of glass into just plain pieces. Instead of watching your décor inspiration shatter around you, use these do-it-yourself tips from our designers to install mirrors and achieve bright results with ease.

Begin With a Vision

Before you start hammering away at your interior, know that not all mirrors are designed for hanging. In fact, mounting a piece of glass that is meant to lean against a wall is a quick way to destroy the investment without liability coverage. Always check the back of your piece first, which should note whether the mirror is meant for the wall or the surface below it. If you plan to hang the piece up high, for décor inspiration, you may want to add a slight downward tilt to reflect more of the space.

Know Your Space

  • One of the most important do-it-yourself tips we recommend is to gauge the size of the glass you need based on the dimensions of the space where it’s going. Then, reference these suggestions from our designers to highlight the features of the area you want to adorn:
    Tall rooms: Use a vertical style to complement the space’s height.
    Long rooms: Use a horizontal style to match the space’s elongated shape.
    South-facing rooms: Make the most of cozy morning or afternoon light by positioning the mirror on an adjacent or opposite wall from the window.
    Rooms with dramatic lighting: Create a reflection of the chandelier in your dining room for a bold statement.
    Over the mantel: Position pieces four to five inches above the top of the mantel for the best effect.

If you need décor inspiration for livening up an uninspiring or cramped entryway, bring in mirrors to give the illusion of space and brightness.

Start Mounting

Once you have the glass you need and know where it’s going, use these do-it-yourself tips to mount your mirror like a pro:
Never use a cable wire angled around a single nail; this is both ineffective and unsafe.
Hook each D-ring on the back of the piece firmly to the wall.
Work with difficult surfaces like tile, concrete, and glass using specialty drill bits.
Use clips to hang pieces on doors with solid cores.
Avoid placing glass on anything prone to movement.

Even when you have all the décor inspiration you need, never hesitate to enlist the help of a professional for safe and efficient installation.


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