How to Light up Your Living Room

Posted on: June 26th, 2019

No interior design is complete without careful consideration of the lighting choices. As you prepare for this final polishing phase of the process, think about these décor tips as you plan and shop.

Diverse Lighting Sources

Light should be carefully laid out in your space in order to create balance. To keep illumination at different levels throughout your room, and to provide an extra boost of variation, make sure you’re taking advantage of the many types of fixtures out there:

• Floor lamps

• Table lamps

• Sconces

• Chandeliers

• Candles

• Ceiling fans

Interior design often calls for mixing and matching, which encourages experimentation. Try using a pair of identical sconces on either side of the fireplace, while a gorgeous table lamp on an end table stands out and provides light at a lower level.

Decorative Spotlights

In perusing décor tips, you’ve likely uncovered the importance of artwork. A dramatic painting or graphic print immediately can draw the eye on its own, but strategically placed lighting can amplify the effect. This is your chance to highlight the art you lovingly picked out.

Consider attaching small lights to the underside of bookcase shelving. Once you’ve placed all your decorative accessories, they’ll be bathed in a soft glow.

Ideal Locations

LAMPADA_9029 ok.tif

At the start of your design project, think about the areas of the room where you’ll need the most lighting. You may have dark corners that are too far away from any windows to benefit from the natural sunshine. If these spots are too cramped for furniture, you’ll want to think about adjusting the overhead lighting or install some wall sconces.

Another factor to consider as you brainstorm living room ideas is the amount of task lighting you’ll need. If you plan to read or do crafts while cozied up on the couch, place a bright lamp on a nearby table, so you’re able to enjoy without squinting.

Appropriate Filtration

When it comes time to choose shades for your lamps, sconces and even some larger fixtures, think about the amount of filtration you desire. Shades that are softer in color or made of thinner materials will allow more light to shine through, creating an overall brighter atmosphere. For rooms that call for a dimmer, cozier vibe, you might opt for darker, thicker shades that swallow more of the light.

Finding the best ways to illuminate your space can be frustrating at times, but a few décor tips can really make the task a lot more enjoyable. Have fun playing around with different living room ideas to discover your favorite outcome.


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