How to Shop for Furniture the Smart Way

Posted on: August 28th, 2018

Choosing new furniture for your space is an important decision. You generally keep furniture for a number of years, some pieces become the focal point of a room and furniture choices often determine other design choices in the same space. Use the following décor tips to guide you the next time you head out to shop furniture.


Know What You’re Looking For

 Your shopping trip will likely be most successful if you are prepared. Consider some important factors about your future furniture before you even leave the house:

  • Take measurements of your room and the wall or area you plan to place the furniture. Decide if you are looking for a sectional or a love seat, a sofa table or a side table. You’ll only be disappointed if you get your heart set on a piece, only to discover it won’t fit where you intended.
  • What is your new furniture piece meant to do for you? Will it be used frequently or is it mainly for aesthetic purposes? If you are purchasing something such as a couch or a table, think about how many family members or guests you anticipate having at one time.
  • Unless you are completely redecorating, you want to choose furniture that complements your current interior design.
  • A bold color will make a statement. A more subdued color will blend in. Remember you can always accent furniture with other accessories.

 Have a Plan

 A style board or a shopping list will help you make smart purchases. Plan out how you want an entire room to look before making impulse furniture purchases. You won’t’ be happy if you spend money on something you thought you wanted and then can’t find anything you like to go with it. A complete interior design plan will help you select all the right décor for your space.

Miss Katsh

Shop Around

You will make a better decision when you have a multiple option. Don’t plan on making your final purchase at the first place you visit. It may be beneficial to begin your search online for comparison purposes, but also remember that you won’t know how a piece really looks and feels until you see it in person. Consider delivery and return policies as you select who to buy from.

Look for Value

Getting the lowest price isn’t always the best selection. As you shop furniture, remember that you usually get what you pay for. Especially when it comes to upholstered furniture, pieces that are made well, will last longer and are more comfortable are with the higher price.

Go with Your Gut

While planning and shopping around are important, if you find something you absolutely fall in love with, that’s likely the piece you will like most months from now, even if it wasn’t what you set out to buy.



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