How to Use Large Wall Art

Posted on: October 25th, 2018

The right piece of wall art can pull a space together and take your home’s style to a higher level. To achieve the effect you need, it is important to understand how different décor decisions can make the art piece shine or detract from its impact.

Vine Wall

Art for the Modern Home

The first step in incorporating a large art piece into your décor is selecting the one that works. This piece will occupy major real estate in terms of both space and visual impact, so this is an issue to consider carefully.


First and foremost, pick something that truly speaks to you and the qualities you want your home to project. You will see this every day. Anyone walking into your house will notice this artwork first. Objectively high quality, critical recognition or trendiness are not enough: the reasons for placing this art on your wall should include the deeply personal.

Second, consider how much about your home you are willing to change to make this art piece work. This can determine whether you should focus solely on getting the art you want or whether you need to consider general context.

Décor Tips for Art Placement

Select the right spot to hang your chosen wall art. You do not need a room that looks like museum to showcase a museum-worthy piece, but you do need to arrange your space effectively.


  • Furniture arrangement: Place your furniture in a way that gives the piece sufficient room. A large piece works best when it is not crowded by smaller pieces or overly ornate furnishings.
  • Wall placements: A large piece of art is best appreciated when one can take a few steps back. Even in a relatively small space, look for a wall that allows for some distance between the viewer and the artwork.
  • Lighting: Consider the room’s natural lighting, which can showcase the art or take away focus. Plus, some types of art may degrade when exposed to excessive sunlight. How you arrange your lighting fixtures can also make a big difference in your artwork’s impact.

Achieving Overall Stylistic Harmony

For better or worse, large wall art makes a loud statement. Thus, it is crucial to have it work with your home’s general style. For today’s modern home, this often means the art should complement the other elements of your home, not match them.

Birch Leaves

Stylistic consistency is one issue to consider. Will a large painting in a nineteenth-century style work with an industrial modernist décor? Style elements do not have to be uniform to work, but it is easier to harmonize when there is an underlying commonality.

Think about colors, shapes and themes. You should probably avoid matching your furniture and walls precisely to the colors found in the painting; however, they should not clash with your art either. Subtle references tend to work better and craft a balanced environment that does not conflict with the art.


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