Hygge Décor – How To Create the Danish Look in Your Home

Posted on: April 13th, 2018

Photo by digsdigs.com

The Scandinavian look is quickly becoming a fresh way to revamp your home’s interior. Hygge décor can give your interior design a cool and unique point of view that makes your home the talk of the neighborhood. If you want to bring the Danish look into your space, here are some ideas for décor inspiration.

Stress Neutral Colors

The first rule of hygge décor is to stick with neutral colors, such as white, beige, gray and light brown. This interior design style focuses on creating a calm and relaxing space above everything, and these colors can help set the mood of a quiet and cozy space.

Incorporate Candles and Lights

 Next, decorate your space with plenty of small sources of light. Candles can be a great way to bring some of the calm, peaceful light into your space. Another idea for ultimate hygge style décor inspiration is to use white holiday lights throughout your room. Visit the Christmas section of your local department store and pick up a few packs of white twinkle lights and string them around the ceiling for a unique effect.

Focus on Comfort and Relaxation

 Hygge style primarily focuses on creating the ultimate space for rest and rejuvenation. You can make your family and guests feel more comfortable in your newly decorated room by using plenty of soft blankets, fluffy pillows and overstuffed chairs and sofas for seating. The Danish style is perfect for a family to spend time together and feel relaxed.

Use Texture in Your Décor

 Texture can also help enhance your new space’s hygge décor style. If you’re not sure how to add texture to your interior design, here are some ideas to consider. Look for unique pieces beyond simple furniture for décor inspiration that are made of textured wood, interesting fabrics and other unusual materials. Combine the materials together to give your room a little more visual interest.

Make a Fireplace a Focal Point

The hygge décor style originates from one of the coldest regions on the planet, so warmth is a must in your space. In many rooms that use this style, the fireplace is the central focal point. If your fireplace needs some help, consider repainting the mantle or adding additional design pieces to make it more enticing for your family to gather around and relax.

 Transform Your Bathroom

Finally, the last principle of hygge interior design focuses on the bathroom. Bathrooms in this style get cues from day spas and aim to create a space of complete serenity. You can redo your bathroom in this style by following the same design ideas as your other living spaces, such as using neutral colors, texture and warmth to make an inviting space.

The hygge style may be the perfect décor inspiration you need to make your house feel more like a cozy home once more. If you incorporate some of these ideas into your space, you could enjoy your time at home even more.


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