Living Room Trends For 2015

Posted on: May 14th, 2015

If you’re still wondering what to do to transform your living room, we’ve gathered some trends for 2015 so you can jazz up your living room.


Cave Sofa by Bonaldo

Gray and Blue

Neutral tones are trendy. From light to dark, gray will be a key element in a décor project. It is neutral, timeless and gives you the freedom to play with bold colors in accent pieces or even furniture.

Bold blues are also getting some traction. They are rich, elegant and perfect to pair with grays.


Boxer Floor Lamp by Cattelan

Mixing Retro and Modern Furniture

It still trendy mix and match different styles in the same room. You can take advantage of it by combining retro and modern furniture. For example, you can combine a rustic wooden table, iconic chairs, and metal and glass console to get an elegant, dynamic and fun look for your décor.

Wall Paper

Wallpapers are always a good choice for a quick revamp. In 2015, wallpapers come in a new look, bolder, textured and modern so you can set your creativity free and cover your walls to express your personality.


Link Floor Lamp by Cattelan

Light Fixtures

Pendant lights, chandeliers, and floor lamps as well can be a piece of art by themselves. They cast lovely light and shadow patterns and can set the mood in any room. A sculptural light fixture could be the masterpiece in your living room so you can complement the look with more neutral accents.


Eclipse Ceiling Lamp by Cattelan


Using reclaimed wood/bricks, or restoring an old (but beautiful) floor are just a few options on how to recycle and create a unique décor project.

Gold and Silver

In 2015, a wide range of metallic finishes and threading still on the spotlight. Gold, silver, bronze, and brass provide elegance to any environment.


Millau Sofa by Bonaldo

So which one of these trends do you like the most?


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