Making a Big Room Feel Inviting

Posted on: November 13th, 2017

Having a big room in your house can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, who doesn’t love the spacious versatility of that extra square footage? On the other hand, a big room can wind up feeling like a vast empty cave, which isn’t ideal for a space like a living room that should feel warm and intimate. Luckily, there are plenty of design tricks to combat that cold ambiance. Here are some décor tips that should help you bring coziness into your large room.

Daytona Table

Create Groups of Furniture

Breaking down a vast space into smaller conversation areas helps create a sense of closeness when your guests come around. Group couches and chairs into a few different seating areas, each with enough seats to hold a handful of people. Add end tables, floor lamps, and rugs to build complete spaces. Another option for big room décor is to create different areas within the room for different social activities—for example, a group of sofas around a coffee table for sitting and chatting, some cozy chairs with good lighting for reading, and a games table over in the corner.

Bolero Light

Add the Human Element

Combat the emptiness of a large room by adding plenty of personal touches. A cluttered desk or a well-used workspace will lend the room that lived-in feeling and give it some soul. If that’s not appropriate for the space you have in mind, try adding a bookshelf full of your favorite titles, hanging up a unique piece of artwork, or draping a hand-woven blanket over the back of the couch. Anything that possesses a bit of human spirit will bump up the coziness of the room.

Arena Coffee Table


Use Intimate Light and Textured Fabrics

Lighting is a powerful tool for creating warmth. Big room décor should employ multiple levels of light. Try using a large chandelier to tie the room together, plus smaller scones and table lamps to set off your conversation areas and provide enclaves of warmth.

Giano Table

Meanwhile, fill up the space with plenty of rich patterns and textures. Soft, cozy materials are pleasant to the senses and invite your guests to make themselves comfortable. Interesting fabrics like mohair, velvet, silk, and cashmere are all strong choices.

Plat Sectional

Creating a large room that feels warm and personable is not difficult with good design on your side. Using these décor ideas, you can transform even the biggest room into an intimate space that will foster plenty of cozy moments and great conversations.


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