Mixing Fabric Patterns

Posted on: October 27th, 2015
Victor bed by Bontempi

Victor bed by Bontempi

Adding whimsical fabric patterns is a powerful way to add visual interest and contrast to your home. But we know that many people feel overwhelmed by the idea of mixing and matching different colors and prints, and it is ok to feel that way. But don’t give up yet, with these six tips to mix and match fabric patterns your life will be easier, and your home will be filled with fun.

1 – Choose a color palette

Before worry if florals and geometrics get along, pick a color pallet you love, and everything else will go smoothly. Choose two main colors and maybe one or two accents to get a burst of personality. After that match patterns and colors to get a coordinate look.

2 – The rule of three

Odd numbers, especially the number three, are magical. When you put together odd numbered objects, you create a more appealing look. And the same rule applies for patterns, so choose three different patterns and it will be easier mix and match them and the final result will be amazing.

3 – Choose the main pattern

Now that you know “the rule of three,” start by choosing the pattern that will be the one you want to be the most dominate in your décor. Usually should be something bold or a large-scale pattern followed by something softer.

4 – Scale down

As we said, if your main pattern is bold then your next choices should be towards something softer to get a nice and balanced result.

5 – Solids are important

If you want to make a statement with strong patterns, don’t forget to save some room for the solids. A beautiful pattern will pop up if the ambient has a place where the eye can rest. Try a neutral sofa or wall to do the trick.

Pari & Dispari by Presotto

Pari & Dispari by Presotto

6 – What you want to achieve

Pattern plays a big role on how a room feels. If you want to live up your space, go for bold and large-scale patterns. But if you are looking for a calm and peaceful room, stick with simple and soft patterns.

Finally, don’t let the fear of mixing fabric patterns stops you. To keep it simple: start by choosing a color palette and then coordinate with a large and colorful main pattern, followed by a medium-scale with some colors and finish with a small-scale pattern with few colors. Your home will shine bright and look amazing.


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