How to Pick the Perfect Rug

Posted on: July 20th, 2016

Ambition rug

Finding an area rug is tricky business; the right one will finish the room with perfection, while the wrong one can make a room feel incomplete and awkward. Considering how expensive they are, selecting the rug needs to be done skillfully and without compromise on design. There are three main principles to keep in mind while choosing the correct rug for your space; so here are a few tips on conquering the ‘rug triforce’.


Being the most obvious starting point, color can make or break how the rug complements the space of your room. If the space already has a great deal of color or patterns going on, stick with a single-color rug in a neutral shade that will complement your current décor. If you desire a patterned rug with many shades, it’s much easier to start with it, and add in décor that coordinates afterwards.


Brilliant rug

Your rug can read as the largest piece of furniture in your space, so take in to account the tones in your flooring, walls, and other décor. Be bold; a bright pattern or color rug can be the ticket to bring your space to the next level.


Gallery rug

These rugs can be an investment both financially and visibly they can make or break the room instantly. The rug shown below ties together the eclectic room with its neutral color and dispersed design.


Fade rug


Channel rug


This is the most overlooked aspect when choosing a proper rug for your space. Rooms with an array of textures make the room feel layered, comfortable and upscale. The easiest way to set the tone of your space is to pay attention to the texture of your rug; there are so many options available than cut or looped wool! The existing décor will help guide you to find the right texture rug. Aim for something with contrast. With furniture textures like soft fabric or velvet, something smooth and hard like a sisal might be the best option, while a sleek leather sofa with be complemented better with a voluptuous, rich texture.

The use of your space will also determine the proper purpose for the rug. If it is place in a room where your family uses to watch television and relax, then the rug will get much less use and just be a warming visual piece. A flat-weave rum will work wondering in tying in that relaxing feel and bring functional warmth to the room.


Alison sectional

In a living space, high-pile or shag work perfectly in smaller doses. This piece shown below was put together to create an unexpected mix of beautiful patterns. The floor surrounds the rug so it doesn’t overpower the space but still provides comfort and warmth. Many people adore the rich luxury of a high-pile piece. In these cases, we recommend placing these in large, dense areas where people will be strolling across it.


Dilon sectional

Another important aspect of choosing the right texture is how easily it will be to clean. Whether you want to do it yourself or take it to a professional, you need to decide how much hassle you want to endure. A flat-weave or low-pile rugs reduces the look of wear and is practical when it comes to vacuuming or spot cleaning.


Pyramid rug


This is part in the rug-selecting game where you know the rules, and it’s best to follow them. A rug should fit the size of your seating area and be as large as possible; but not as large as the entire room.


Sacai sectional

Ideally, all of the furniture will be along the rug, but front legs only. The goal is that when you’re sitting on your sofa, your feet with be on the rug, not the floor.

With dining tables, you want to be able to pull the chairs back and still have them on the rug.


Ikon Drive table

If you seating area takes up the entire room, you have to consider orientation; square rooms are complemented with square or round rugs, while rectangular rooms are complimented by rectangular rugs facing the same direction.

With these triad of tips, finding the perfect rug for your space will be a breeze. The room with be warmer, and have your personal touch. Rug tricky business is a memory of the past!


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