Pieces of Furniture Worth the Investment

Posted on: November 27th, 2018

While you want to make your home look its absolute best, you may not have as large of a budget as you’d like to meet that goal. To that end, Design Depot Furniture is here with some expert décor tips to give you an idea of which furniture pieces you should buy first to maximize your space and your spending.



No matter if you’re a homebody or someone who’s always on the go, having a comfortable sofa at home can make all the difference in the world. Spring for a quality sofa, even if it means spending a bit more; a quality purchase from a reputable manufacturer is sure to last you for decades to come.

Indoor-Outdoor Chairs

Emma Chair

Rather than buy chairs specifically for indoor use or outdoor use, purchase a set that doubles as both. The great thing about furniture that serves double duty is that you can switch pieces to suit your needs, meaning that you never have to compromise or feel like you need to buy more pieces than you actually need.

A Quality Mattress

Once you’ve found the perfect-sized mattress, don’t be afraid to buy one of the best mattresses on the market. You spend a lot of your life sleeping, and a quality mattress makes it easier to get quality sleep, which is vital for practically every aspect of your life. Additionally, your overall bed setup should be more than just a bed frame or bare mattress on the floor. Your bedroom should look and feel like a sanctuary, not an interior design afterthought.

SuperSoft Bed


Speaking of a sanctuary, hanging artwork on your walls helps show off your personality to visitors and makes your place feel much more inviting and warmer even if you hardly have company over. Artwork that speaks to you also imbues your place with a sense of home rather than just a place where you live. To make it easier to stick to your budget, focus on smaller pieces from some of your favorite artists. Start searching locally to support your community and potentially save on the cost of shipping and handling.

Petiole Leaves ArtWall

Kitchen Table

When it comes to your kitchen table, focus on something that fits the space you have now but also has leaves so that you can stretch the table out when you need to. Even if you don’t entertain guests or regularly host dinner parties, a quality kitchen table offers a number of versatile uses.

Wonder Table

Now that you know some of the best furniture pieces worth your money, it’s time to find the right pieces that are perfect for you. Contact us here at Design Depot Furniture to start your search.


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