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Tommi e Jerri C

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  • Tommi e Jerri is the solid answer to your needs for more space. It is made up of six easy-to-assemble components and it is equipped with the most innovative opening system found on the market. With just a simple touch, the two beds smoothly rotate independently into the horizontal position. TOMMI E JERRI with writing desk is an intelligent project that allows you to add, to the upper bed, a large desk equipped with two side storage units.This is a tried and true island of study, work, and rest. During the day, the bed closes up, with an overall dimension of 35 cm, and the desk can also be used. When you want to open the bed, you don_t need to even move anything from the work area.
  • Made in Italy
  • Call 1-800-880-7154 for a quote
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