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Posted on: April 27th, 2018

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If you’re looking for a design element to add to your home to bring beauty, aroma and unique style to it, consider using dried flowers. Preserved flowers can be a great way to add sophisticated floral arrangements to your home that last forever. Here are some décor tips to get you started with this type of home décor accessory.

Enhance Your Fireplace Mantle 

One way you can instantly add grace and a classic look to your living room is to put bunches of preserved flowers or floral arrangements of preserved petals on your fireplace mantle. Using this type of design on your mantle can give your living space an instant boost in classic style. Preserved petals can make your living room seem more timeless and serene.

Add Interest With Hanging Flowers

In the kitchen, consider hanging flowers from beautiful, fresh floral arrangements to make the memory last forever. After you hang the flower from your favorite bouquet, here are some décor tips for this space. Place the flowers in kitchen cabinets or on shelves to give this room a subtle hint of fragrance and a sweet and demure style boost.

Use Dried Petals in a Vase

When a pretty floral arrangement is close to the end of its shelf life, don’t throw the flowers away, repurpose the petals. Collect the flower petals in a vase after they’ve dried and create a new look for a focal point on a table in your dining room or kitchen. You can also make a new centerpiece for special occasions with this classic design idea.

Press Flowers Inside a Book

Pressed flowers also make a great design element if you’re looking for new décor tips. Take your flowers and press them in a heavy book to flatten them into paper-thin dried flowers. Then, create a craft project where you put the flowers in a shadowbox or frame for a new type of wall decor.

Create a Custom Dried Flower Wreath

During the holidays, dried flowers can come into play if you want to make a custom wreath. You can collect flowers for your wreath and create something perfect for the season. Best of all, a wreath made from preserved flowers and plants can last year after year.

Put Flowers in an Apothecary Jar

If you want to recreate the fresh flower’s look, you can use an apothecary jar to surround the entire piece. Dried flowers in an apothecary jar make a stunning focal point in a room that’s going for the shabby chic or farmhouse style. It takes some time and practice to get every stem and petal into the jar, but once inside, your floral arrangements will last forever.

The timeless art of preserving and drying flowers from a beautiful arrangement is something you can bring back and use in your home’s style. Use these décor tips to create a new look for your space.



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