Simple Ways to Transition Your Home From Summer to Fall

Posted on: September 14th, 2018

Bringing the colors and textures of fall into your home does not have to mean expensive or complicated redecorating. A few simple and consistent touches throughout key areas in your home can help you achieve fall décor that evokes the best parts of the season.

Ego Sofa

Natural Elements Mirror Seasonal Changes

Commonly available natural resources from your yard, the park and even the grocery store provide an easy way to fill your house with autumnal scents and colors. Seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as apples and winter squashes, come in a wide variety of hues and shapes. You can arrange them alone or together with flowers or autumn leaves. Other attractive elements can include branches, pinecones and rocks. For a stylish upgrade, add a wreath featuring distinctive fall elements.

Décor Tips for Creating Texture

Nothing heralds fall like the distinctive crispness you feel in the air. This means it is time for cozy, warm textures to replace the airy coolness of your summer décor.

  • Living room: Slip covers provide an easy way to change the room’s ambience. Soft fabrics such as velour create the cozy feel you want for this season. Chunky knit throws and pillows with a variety of textures complete the look.
  • Bedrooms: Depending on where you live, you may want to pull out the flannel sheets and heavy-duty duvets. If your area is not quite ready for that, soft rather than crisp linens with a throw on top can gently transition your bedroom into fall décor.
  • Bathrooms: Towels, shower curtains and window treatments all offer easy ways to create an autumn mood.

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Colors and Patterns

A visual evocation of fall does not always have to mean the traditional harvest patterns and orange-and-brown palette. If you prefer modern décor, a sophisticated range of colors can serve to create a seasonal tone consistent with your home’s overall style.

A combination of jewel and dark tones often works well to both reflect the shorter days and bring some light into them. While summer is about opening your home to the air and sunlight, in the fall one draws the curtains and creates ones own warmth and illumination. Bright pops of warm colors throughout your home are a visual representation of this feeling. Couch pillows, flower arrangements and throw rugs all offer easy ways to achieve this. Other ideas include switching out some of your wall art and adding lit candles to your table or sideboard display.


As you think about your home’s ideal fall décor, consider its existing colors. For example, you probably do not repaint your walls or replace all your couches every season, so you need to work with the visual impact these major elements create. If you favor neutral décor, add seasonal touches in a range of fall colors that will stand out. On the other hand, if your home already boasts distinctive color, gravitate more towards the neutral spectrum of fall color: warm grays, browns and creams.


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