Spring Décor Tips and Ideas

Posted on: April 26th, 2017

Wake up Spring Décor with Flowers

Bromelia in grey tower vase – Lux Art Silks

Nothing says spring like flowers, so why not bring some into your home for a budget-friendly boost to your seasonal décor. Here are some spring décor tips to freshen up your space.

Lighten Up

Do you still have a thick knitted winter throw gracing your sofa? Look around your rooms and take note of accessories that seem heavy and dark and change them out to lighter versions. Switching some key room accessories to lighter and brighter versions can transition any room to spring. Bring out some light-colored ceramic vases or bowls you have stored away and group them on the mantle for a fresh focal point.

Pick a Bouquet

Photo by Annie Spratt

Take some décor inspiration from the season and get a fresh look instantly by placing some fresh flower arrangements into a room. You can get mileage out of a single bouquet by splitting it up into three smaller bouquets of various sizes. Place the bouquets in vases with different sizes and shapes and distribute around the room. This spring décor spread around a room pairs the continuity of the blooms with the varying appearances of them around the room.

Get Gardening

Photo by Jeff Sheldon

Do you have the itch to get out in the garden but it is not quite warm enough yet? Plant a container with succulents that can live happily next to a window now and then transition to the outdoors when it gets warmer. Pick plants that provide a multidimensional green effect of the trending sage, pistachio, and mint tones to echo the seasonal vibe.

Go Green

Accenting your décor with greenery literally adds life to a room at any time of the year, especially in spring. Try adding some bold tropical leaves and blooms into your decor mix for a statement piece that will get compliments. This look works especially well as an accent for contemporary interiors. The vibrant greens with an exotic vibe can serve as a harbinger of the summer ahead.

Stay in Your Comfort Zone

Does caring for living plants and keeping cut flowers in water make you uncomfortable? You can get the look of living foliage and flowers using high-quality silk lookalikes. Try accenting your mantle with lovely stems of silk gardenias or fill a small round vase with silk peonies to grace your coffee table. With silk stems, your flowers are guaranteed to always look fresh.
Even though spring weather can be variable, you can have a brighter look in your home with a few inexpensive changes. Through your décor, you can anticipate the warmer season ahead.


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