The Importance of Decorating Your Home Office

Posted on: July 29th, 2019

Your home office should be a place that motivates and energizes you and raises your productivity; however, it is almost impossible to stay driven and focused in a room that does not feel like yours. The following are three reasons you should customize your home office as well as decor tips that will make your workspace radiate with your personality.

1. You need a space to take breaks.

Even the most ambitious people cannot work for eight hours straight. It is essential to designate a space in your home office away from your desk, such as a corner or a sunny spot near the window, that you can go to throughout the day for short breaks. Have a comfortable seat in that space along with relaxing activities, like your journal, a book or a puzzle. You can give your brain a rest without venturing into the living room and becoming distracted by the television or other people in the house.

Having a clearly defined relaxation space will benefit not only your mental health but also your physical health since you will avoid hunching over your desk all day.

2. A positive atmosphere increases your efficiency.

Inspirational wall art, photos of your dog and notes of praise from colleagues are examples of items that you can hang in your home office for when you need a smile. If you are feeling stressed or distracted, taking a moment to read your favorite quote or think of the joy something makes you feel is a way to refresh and renew your concentration.

Additional ways to keep your workspace overflowing with positivity are painting the walls your favorite color, adding plants and having just the right amount of light. For pet owners, make your pet a spot where they can watch you work and be available for a hug.

3. Organization is key for high levels of productivity.

Decorating your home office goes beyond getting your favorite accessories; it also involves choosing stylish and effective organizational tools. Filed papers, tidy charging cords and a calendar will allow you to work faster and avoid feeling buried in stacks of papers and supplies. Files, pencil holders, storage bins and planners are available in stylish designs so you can arrange your supplies and coordinate colors and patterns with the rest of your office.

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