Tips to Brighten Dark Rooms

Posted on: September 26th, 2019

Do you have a space in your home that just doesn’t get enough natural light? Although you can’t do much about window placement without a major renovation, you can try these tried-and-true decor tips for brightening up a dark space.

Work with White

A clean white palette is your best background color when you want to bring more light into a room. Paint your walls and ceiling a crisp true white rather than ivory, off-white or cream for maximum impact. Try a high-gloss paint finish on the ceiling for optimal light reflection.

Opt for light-colored furniture and fixtures with just enough contrast to add interest. If the space has dark woodwork, white paint will instantly brighten it up. Change the look of a too-dark floor with area rugs. Bright colors draw attention away from the wood.

Add Mirrors

Placing a mirror directly across from the window to reflect natural light is a go-to interior design trick that really works. No space for a mirror on that wall? Mirrors in other areas will have a similar effect since they will reflect the light bouncing off those pristine white walls.

Choose Window Treatments Carefully

Heavy curtains and drapes will limit your natural light even further. Instead, go for sleek, minimal options like blinds and Roman shades in pale hues or even white. Lightweight material will emphasize the desired effect. Sheer, flowing curtains that reflect light are another smart choice.

Play with Light Fixtures

If you have the space, a statement light fixture or chandelier provides plenty of artificial light to supplement the sun. Artisan fixtures are on-trend for the coming year and will serve as an eye-catching focal point in your living room, dining room or even master bedroom.

Wall sconces that direct light both upward and downward will also brighten a dim room. For lamps, choose pale shades in a lightweight material like linen that lets light shine through rather than blocking it out.

Go for the Gold

Think shimmery fixtures in metallic gold, bronze, copper or silver with the light-reflective qualities of these precious metals. Dip your toe into this trend with picture frames, artwork, lamps and other pieces with a bright and shiny finish.

Think Minimal

Heavy, ornate furniture can block light and make a room feel drab and dreary. Instead, shop for streamlined, contemporary pieces that don’t take up too much space.

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