The Ultimate Staycation | Creating a 5-Star Hotel Master Bedroom

Posted on: March 11th, 2016

Our bedrooms are sanctuaries; a place to relax, escape and most of all a place to get some marvelous rest. You work hard and deserve an all year retreat with a 5-Star, hotel quality experience. To help you attain this we have composed a list of useful tips to devise the ultimate staycation.

Abundant, High Quality Linens Are Key

The fastest way to achieve that cocoon-like experience is to wrap your surroundings in high quality linens or Italian cottons. For your bedding, splurge on the pillows including some large European style pillows. This look should be layered with quality thread-counts above four hundred. For a more boutique look make sure to mix up the textures on your bed, curtains and keep it a neutral, elegant monochromatic color palette.


Paris bed by Huppé

Monochromatic Tones; Tints, Tones and Shades

A monochromatic color adds a sophisticated tone, and creates an embracing-comfort feel to your space. To create this pick a primary color and one other harmonizing color that works with the chosen color pallet. For a more encompassing effect paint the ceiling a twenty-percent, tone-downed version of the wall shade.


Fluff bed by Bonaldo

Lighting Do’s and Don’ts

Lighting is the important ambiance setting to a room. Creating the best lighting includes multiple layers on separate dimmer switches. These layers add dimension and drama to the space, which allows you to create the mood. Use simple, beautiful statement pieces like a chandelier, modern bedside lighting, wall sconces, and a chair side lamp, which create a warm environment to your space. Never use the light on the ceiling fan, which provides harsh glaring light that is unsexy and can ruin the mood with the literal flip of a switch.


Baldo bed by Jesse

A Chair; what you’re probably missing

Seating in your space is not only functional but provides that ascending relaxation experience. Choose a seating option that is luxurious, comfortable, high quality, and matches the color pallet of the space. This luscious seating space is not complete without a small chic table to place that post-work Cabernet on, and a large fabric ottoman to prop your feet after a hard days work.


Loja bed by American Leather

Soft Footing

Just like your bed, your flooring should be soft and inviting. If you have hard wood floors, choose a rug that’s comfortable and lush. In other cases, choose a rich, deep-pile carpet in a neutral shade that matches the color pallet of the room. Don’t forget that just because you have carpet does not mean you should not have rugs; tie the room together with a few exquisite rugs.


Baldo bed by Jesse

Last but Not Least, Don’t Forget the Details

No room is complete without a few luxurious accents that make you feel spoiled. On the nightstands set a beautiful modern carafe for water, or fresh flowers to provide a fresh natural scent. Hang artwork or photos that are personal and a reflection of what brings you comfort. All of these details tie the room together to make it yours; after all it’s your room.


Basket bed by Bonaldo



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