Unique Ways to Decorate Your Dining Room

Posted on: September 12th, 2017

Your dining room is more than just a practical place to throw dinner parties. It can also enhance the interior design of your home and establish the right ambiance for dining. But its practical nature can also make it harder to create something unique instead of going with traditional dining room décor. These décor ideas will get you started on setting up an eating area that will reflect your personality and leave your guests in awe. 

Zeus Table


Dining rooms are often known for having an elegant chandelier, whether it’s an elaborate antique or modern and sleek. While you may certainly go this route, you can also opt for an unusual light fixture that sets the tone of the dining room’s style. Another choice is to use floor lamps instead for softer lighting.

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You may think of leather or velvet chairs belonging in the study, but who says you can’t put them in the dining room, too? They add a touch of sophistication and often come in rich, bold colors. Likewise, accent pillows aren’t for couches only. Place a throw pillow on a couple of the chairs for décor and comfort.

For a balance between visual interest and cohesion, buy chairs in various designs and sizes and then give them all the same upholstery and color.


The most obvious décor ideas for the walls are to paint them and hang artwork on them. Try one of these unique options instead:

  • Create a scene using vinyl decals or a hand-painted mural
  • Choose an interesting wallpaper design or paneling
  • Paint only the door frames
  • Hang mirrors for more light and the illusion of larger space
  • Attach one of the dining table benches to the wall for permanent seating
  • Install bookshelves to encourage intellectual conversation

Remember small details as well, such as the light switches.

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Ceiling and Flooring

 Don’t forget the ceiling and floor. Like walls, you can paint these in vibrant colors, install texture, or create patterns. If you want something easier to upgrade, select a colorful or boldly patterned rug.

Stylish Simplicity

Your dining room doesn’t have to extravagant and highly decorated either. A minimalist look can have just as powerful an effect. Want something in between? Monochromatic dining room décor adds just enough color and contrast without being overpowering or loud.

Play around with different styles until you find the one that fits your home. Go with what you like, but don’t be afraid to try décor ideas that are new or out of your comfort zone for the most unique atmosphere.

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