Unique Ways To Decorate With Ultra Violet, Pantone Color of the Year 2018

Posted on: March 14th, 2018

This year’s Pantone color, Ultra Violet, comes from a galaxy not so far away. Look to the beauty and peace of outer space to see the color of the year and all it symbolizes: possibility, innovation, individuality. These qualities can guide how you use the color to decorate your home. Try these creative and unique ways to add Ultra Violet to your interior design.

Extraordinary Accents

While most people are likely buying accent pillows and other common home accessories, stand out by finding unusual but striking areas to place this rich color. For example, you may only think of doorknobs and handles in a practical sense, but installing new ones in Ultra Violet is a simple yet powerful way to make a statement. Go for an interesting design, as well. The combination of cut and color will sure to have guests pausing in admiration before opening a door or cabinet.

Rug and Pillows by Surya

Accents are not only for living rooms and bedroom, either. Remember the kitchen, too. Cooking ware or dishes in Pantone’s Ultra Violet is another way to decorate with the color in a distinctive fashion.

Brilliant Artwork

Art already grabs attention due to its very nature. Why not amp up the effect by displaying artwork that uses the 2018 color of the year? One of its best qualities is that it’s relevant to every taste, so you don’t have to change your current décor to make it fit. You can find the hue in everything from nature scenes to cultural pieces to modern art.


Bold Floors and Walls

For a broader incorporation, make the floors and walls your canvas. Lay a solid or patterned rug on the floor of the entryway for a welcoming pop of purple. Instead of painting walls solid Ultra Violet, create a design on the walls with washi tape or wallpaper, or only paint trimming.


Sophisticated Furniture


If you want to go bigger with this color from the cosmos, get all new furniture. Material can affect the saturation and tone of a piece, so factor that in to your choice. Remember that you have more options in furniture than just couches and various types of chairs. Others include:

  • Desks
  • Dressers and wardrobes
  • Coffee, end, hall, or night tables
  • Headboards
  • Stools
  • Storage benches

Contrast Bed

Not a fan of colored furnishings? That’s OK. You can use the other interior design ideas and finish the look with complementary furniture. For example, dark leather, velvet, and wood are the perfect matches for deep purple. Add areas of brightness in the room for a little contrast, such as metallic or jewel-toned accents, whether directly on the furniture or somewhere else.

An Ethereal Ambiance

If you’re unsure that you want to go with such a strong color, consider why Pantone selected it. Not only does Ultra Violet represent originality and imagination but also mindfulness. This shade of purple can help create an environment that lifts your thoughts and inspires your future.


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