How To Use Bold and Colorful Rugs in Your Home Décor

Posted on: December 15th, 2017

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One of the easiest ways to change or enhance the décor of your home is through colorful rugs. Bold hues and patterns make a boring room pop with personality or turn outdated interior design into contemporary style. This same boldness may intimidate you from incorporating rich rugs into your home, but with these décor ideas, you will discover how effortless it is.

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Put the Focus on the Rug

The downside of a rug is that it seems to either blend into the area or hide under other pieces of décor. This doesn’t have to be the case and is really easy to fix with these three simple tips:

  1. Use a clear coffee table so guests can see the whole rug’s design.
  2. Buy furniture in neutral colors so it doesn’t steal attention from the rug.
  3. Go minimalist with your other décor to make the rug stand out more.

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These are only a few of the many décor ideas that can help highlight colorful rugs as the focus of the room.

Work With the Colors and Patterns

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to play around with the colors and patterns of your rug. Choose an accent color from the rug for accessories such as throw pillows and light fixtures. Make the walls match the richness of the rug’s hues. Combine complementary designs among pieces to create a unique setting.

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If you find the boldness overwhelming, go with a rug that is not as loud but just as striking, such as a monochrome look or black-and-white pattern. For pet owners or parents, however, selecting something with both a deep color and an eye-catching design is best for hiding stains from animals or children.

Place Rugs in Less Common Places

You will find most rugs in living rooms, dining areas, and bedrooms. Yet these places are certainly not the only ones you can put your rug on display. In fact, it may have a bigger impact in a less obvious location, such as on the stairs or in the entrance to your home. It will also stand out more as it will not be covered by or competing with large furniture. These uncommon places also offer the opportunity to get a different shape than your typical rectangle.

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Be bold in your rug choices and décor ideas, and transform your home with colorful rugs that will spark conversations, liven up the atmosphere, and make your home more enjoyable to live in.


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