Using mirrors to expand small spaces

Posted on: December 8th, 2015
Regal by Cattelan Italia

Regal by Cattelan Italia

Mirrors are a fascinating accessory. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and in many cases can even be considered a work of art. But mirrors are not just a mere accent piece; they can play a key role in home décor. Especially when we need to make a room seem larger than it is. The secret? By reflecting light and colors, a mirror creates optical illusions that trick our mind to see more space than there is. Interesting, right? So how can we make a room look bigger using mirrors? The following tips will help you to do the trick.


Create a faux window to add dimension to the room. Just place a mirror next to or across a real window to get the effect.


Placing the mirror behind a light source maximizes the light’s reach making everything looks brighter and larger.

Baban Ceiling Lamp by Cattelan

Baban Ceiling Lamp by Cattelan Italia


In very tiny spaces, use a mirror the same width of the furniture, a console, for example, to make the room look prominent.

Stripes by Cattelan Italia

Stripes by Cattelan Italia


Create a mirrored wall to amplify the space. Just cover it with multiple similar mirrors.

Stati D'Animo by Tonelli Design

Stati D’Animo by Tonelli Design


A piece of mirrored furniture placed next to a wall gives the impression that the boundaries of the room disappeared and the room seems larger.

So let’s take advantage of the way mirrors reflect light and colors to make our spaces look larger, brighter and more open?


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